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On October 4, MAX began the first part of his House of Divine tour in Seattle and will continue traveling through the US and Canada until November 18. Fuzzable had the chance to attend MAX’s Vancouver show, and after seeing the incredible talent and energy brought to the stage, we decided to share all the details on this not-to-miss tour.

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House of Divine features a variety of opening acts, such as IshDARR (October 4 to 12), Nina Nesbitt (October 4 to 27), EZI (October 13 to November 13), and Bryce Vine (October 30 to November 13). Each artist has their own unique style, but there are enough similarities in their music that they work together in creating a cohesive show. MAX fans that go into the concert with no prior knowledge of the openers are sure to leave with new artists on their radar and at least one new song to obsess over. That being said, we would strongly recommend giving these artists an early listen so that you can sing along with them in person. In total, the two openers performed for an hour, continuously growing the excitement of the room in preparation for MAX.

The lights dimmed into darkness before a pitchfork, symbolizing Hell’s Kitchen, appeared on an onstage screen. This brand new six-screen setup is an example of how the production and quality of the show has evolved since last year’s Meteor tour. The music began as MAX, along with Party Pupils’ Ryan Siegel, made their way on stage. Opening with the high-energy song, Savage, the audience was already singing, dancing, and jumping to their full potential.

Combining a fan-favorite set list along with his engaging stage presence, the entire crowd was captivated by MAX and his show. A variety of songs were performed including newest release, Worship; Party Pupils’ timeless cover, Ms. Jackson; and never-old, 10 Victoria’s Secret Models. The most heartfelt moment of the show was when MAX delivered a speech about his radio hit, Lights Down Low, discussing how the song is dedicated to his wife Emily.

“I want to dedicate this especially to my wife tonight because she has been my rock,” said MAX. “She has been the champion that I never knew I was ever deserving of.” He turned to Emily to say, “I promise that I will love you and give you everything that I have to offer.”

He continued on with the message that Lights Down Low is a song that represents universal love. No matter sexuality or gender, he said that “you should always love who you want to love, and find your person.”

MAX closed the night with one of his older, but most well-loved, songs, Mug Shot. Fans enjoyed the final moments of the show with not only MAX, but the openers that he invited back up front as well. After leaving the stage, the screams continued along with chants for an encore, resulting in MAX running back up for a last performance of Gibberish. The energy of the room peaked beyond belief, especially when the microphone was directed at different sections of the audience to recite the rap of the song.

Throughout the concert, MAX’s voice was strong despite him having a vocal injury that has put him on off-stage vocal rest. While he did not sing everything exactly as heard in studio recordings, the changes he made to the melodies were intentional and added to the interest of the show. His dance moves and audience interaction were also superb, contributing to a lively and engaging performance.

With a charged lineup of opening acts, diverse set list, and energy like no other, House of Divine is a tour that should not be missed. Over half of the North American leg still remains, so be sure to grab a couple friends and buy tickets for a night to remember.

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Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

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