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EXCLUSIVE: Max and Harvey discuss Spotify podcast “School Daze”

2020 has been a pretty big year for Max and Harvey. Riding high after coming in second place on “The X Factor: Celebrity” in 2019, the boys have been busy focusing on their music career, having recently dropped their infectious pop single “Worry a Little Less”.

But they have also turned their attention to other things, and Max and Harvey have recently started their own Spotify podcast series. “School Daze With Max and Harvey” sees the duo take a trip back to the classroom as they discuss the highs and lows of their schooldays, along with celebrity guests in each episode.

Here at Fuzzable, we got to talk to Max and Harvey to find out a bit more about the podcast, and what we can expect from future instalments!

Hi Max and Harvey! How does it feel to have your own podcast out there in the world?

MAX: “It’s so awesome that Spotify have been kind enough to give us 2 lots of 20 minutes per week to just talk on their platform. Obviously we talk about specific things like awesome celebrities, school secrets and experiences while also comparing them with our own!”

How did the name “School Daze” come about?

HARVEY: “We wanted a name that people can relate to and something that might stand out to others to hopefully convince people to give this awesome podcast a go.”

How did you decide to focus the podcast on the concept of school?

HARVEY: “We were talking to the Spotify team about what we think everyone wants to know about and we thought that one of the best and most relatable things to chat about is school life! Everyone had one at some point whether it was with hundreds of other people or from home and we want to know about everyone’s and how they differ or if they’re the same.”

What’s it been like to reminisce on some of your memories from your schooldays?

MAX: “It has been quite hard because school life is sometimes the hardest part of people’s lives so there have been some touchy subjects that have come up and I’m sure there’s many more to come, but as well as that there’s loads of hilarious light hearted stories that we’ve experienced and that the celebs we interview have experienced.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments from your own schooldays you would like to share?

MAX: “There will be loads shared on the podcast but one that stands out to me is when I fell in the mud in front of loads of people and had it all over my clothes for the rest of the day.”

What about a favourite school memory?

HARVEY: “When I found out I’d passed all my GCSE’s!!”

Do you hope “School Daze” will be something that your fans, many of whom will be school students, will be able to relate to?

MAX: “School Daze is possibly one of the most relatable podcasts out there as everyone has something to say about their school life.”

Max and Harvey

Can you give us a hint of any upcoming guests?

HARVEY: “Our guests are extremely varied, and recently we’ve had some top 10 UK artists in and we’re extremely excited for people to hear those episodes.”

Who would be your dream celebrity guest on the podcast?

HARVEY: “We love all the celebs that come on the podcast but the dream celeb for me would probably be Jon Bellion.”

Is there any particular school-related topic you’ve yet to discuss you’d like to explore for a future episode?

MAX: “I think we tend to cover most things over most episodes but there’s definitely loads more exciting things left to talk about on the podcast.”

If you had the chance to do a podcast about another subject, what would it be and why?

MAX: “We definitely got the best possible topic with this podcast as we get to talk about music as well as school – but I’d probably be interested to talk about football as it’s my favourite sport!”

Finally, do you have any advice to give to any fans who may be in school right now?

MAX: “The best advice I can give you is to listen to all the episodes of the podcast as they can genuinely be helpful to listen to because you get to hear first-hand that your favourite celebs have been through the same things as you and you WILL get extremely useful tips on how to deal with things like mental health issues and many more topics.”

We also want to take the time out to thank Max and Harvey for chatting with us!

The Spotify Original podcast “School Daze With Max and Harvey” is available exclusively on Spotify now:

The new single “Worry a Little Less” is out now:

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