Managed by Q is Giving Away Prizes for Office Manager Appreciation Week

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

In celebration of Office Manager Appreciation Week and Administrative Professionals Day, office management platform Managed by Q will be partnering with several companie to help people show appreciation for their OfficeBoss by nominating them to win some really cool prizes.

Managed by Q started the OfficeBoss campaign to celebrate the unsung heroes of offices – office managers, HR managers and executive assistants – who handle many behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that help the workplace run smoothly.

To thank them for their hard work, the platform will be giving them prizes from companies such as Warby Parker, Allbirds, Glossier, The Sil and AYR.

How it works

From April 23-27, nominate your office manager to win a grand prize by clicking here. From there, fill out the required information about your OfficeBoss, write a note of appreciation, pick a card design and a gif to go along with it, and then sign the card. It’s that simple!

How they win

Office managers who receive the most cards will win one of Managed by Q’s three grand prizes, either a travel, self care, or city living package. The travel prize comes with an away suitcase, an Airbnb gift card, and Delta Airlines credit. The self care package comes with Spa day, Casper bed set, and a Yoga membership, and the city living prize is for SeatGeek tickets. a HotelTonight stay, and a Wayfair gift card.

Now, you must be thinking, “Do I get anything?”

Yes! Managed by Q encourages you to treat yourself, so you are encouraged to enter to win one of the daily prizes.

Managed by Q is a platform dedicated to offering a variety of office services. To learn more information, click here.

Will you be nominating your OfficeBoss? Tweet us at @Fuzzable to let us know.

Written by Michele

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