Makeup Revolution- The Top 5 You NEED To Try.

Makeup Revolution are a relativly new beauty brand, founded in 2014.The brand prides itself with being 100% cruelty free, high quality and well purse friendly for all.

It is no wonder that some of the worlds biggest beauty guru’s like Nikkie Tutorials and Tati are picking up products to add to their makeup collections. With the addition of SophDoesNails CamiMUA and MakeupByTammi to the Makeup Revolution family, its easy to see why theres been a revolution. (Bad pun)

We thought that it was time to give a run down of our own Makeup Revolution essentials that we cant live without.

5) Chauffer Lipstick- Satin Finish.

Rose gold packaging and my perfect kind of nude lip. I was obsessed with my first swipe. This lipstick may only be £3 but the formula outstays a few of the highend lipsticks I own that are ten times the price. It may not be kiss proof, but who needs to kiss when your pout can slay! Buy it here.

4) Illuminating Fixing Spray.

I’ve hunted high and low for a setting spray that; holds my makeup all day (and night if needed) doesn’t cake up my powder products, leaves me looking illuminated, I can use to wet a brush for shimmer/ foiled eyeshadows and most impostantly isn’t going to break my bank.  This spray does it all. Im able to go to go out at 10am to meet friends, and go out that night wearing the same base makeup and still take an Instagram worthy selfie that night. It has been a god send to me. Pick it up here for just £5.

3) Brow Pomade.

Eyebrow products are something I’ve struggled with. I either find something not pigmented enough, or too pigmented and make me look like I’ve used permenant markers on my brows. I tried this pomade on the off chance that it could be my holy grail. This pomade is so easy to use. It’s only £6 from here . It is the perfect consistancy. It’s versatile, you can go for a very subtle and natural brow look or a complete strong and sharp brow.

2) Makeup Revolution x Soph Eyeshadow Pallete.

SophDoesNails is my favourite YouTuber of all time. She’s my go to for any makeup inspiration and if she reccomends a product you can guarentee I’m purchasing it as soon as possible. When Soph joined the MUR family, I couldn’t help but fan girl squeal. In September Soph announced she’s created a pallete with MUR and honestly it’s my favourite eyeshadow pallet EVER. The looks you can create are endless. The 24 shade pallet is the perfect mix of cool tones and warm tones, incredible foiled shadows, shimmers and mattes. Oh and if it wasn’t enough the pallet comes with an incredible mirror. All this, and the pallet is only £10 from TamBeauty.

1)Ultra Contour and Sculpt Pallet- Ultra Fair.

If I was only allowed one makeup product on a dessert island, this would be it. Words cannot describe how much I love it. For £3.50 you get the most incredible 3 products in one.

The blusher is a beautiful pinky tone with the most amazing gold reflects. The pigmentation is insane. The highlight in the travel friendly pallet is perfect. If you use it with a very light hand you can have a subltle glow, or go a tiny bit more heavy handed and you get a highlight that can be seen from out of space. The texture is that creamy powder texture high end brands get praise for. The bronzer is the ultimate multitasker. I use it lightly to create contoured cheekbones where there werent any before or use it on a fluffy brush and build up as my bronzer to make my skin have that sun kissed glow. The trio is avalible in darker shades too, so all skin tones can use this wonder product. Get it here.

Makeup Revolution is also avalible in Superdrug and Ulta Stores. Be sure to check out the TamBeauty website too, as this is just a very small selection of my favourite products . And for tutorials and new product demonstations check their YouTube page.







Written by Niki

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