Makeup Revolution are giving us Brows for Days.

One of the many problems we have with our brows is the time consuming task of getting them tinted. From having to travel to and from the salon and the time it takes to get them done. Lets not talk about the fact it costs up to £25 a time and lasts 4 weeks which can feel way too long as soon as they start to fade. This works out around £300 a year. For busy brow lovers like us it is a nightmare, but at the same time it is essential for us to feel great. Our favourite makeup brand ever Makeup Revolution have just make our lives a billion times easier and a load cheaper with their new Brow Tint.

The revolutionary brow product launched yesterday on both RevolutionBeauty and in Superdrug. The ‘at home tint’ is a brush on semi permanent dye, which coats each individual hair and dries in around two hours. Just like a face mask it peels off simply, and leaves you with salon looking brows without the hassle and at much cheaper.

Our favourite beauty guru SophDoesNails demonstrates below just how simple the Brow Tint is to use and just how effective it is.


The tint comes in 3 shades; taupe, medium brown and dark brown, so amazing brows for everyone!

The bottle of brow tint contains enough for multiple applications, so you’ll be saving yourself about £200 a year. Plus think of the time you can save! We’re totally going to tint our brows using the Makeup Revolution brow tint at home, and write some more incredible content for Fuzzable. It seems that Makeup revolution have solved every single brow issue we’ve ever had with this product. You can purchase it from  RevolutionBeauty.

Let us know if you’d like us to test this product and show you our results by tweeting us @Fuzzable.




Written by Niki

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