The Makeup Brushes Every Mean Girls Fan Needs

Everybody stop what you’re doing and behold these luscious makeup brushes! It might be 15 years since the Mean Girls movie was released, but who said our obsession ever even stopped? Spectrum has recently announced that they are releasing a Mean Girls themed range of makeup brushes and I didn’t realise how much I needed this in my life, I don’t know about you guys!

Like all Spectrum brushes, the Mean Girls range will be gorgeously soft, vegan and cruelty free. Sprectrum are always on their game for creating on trend makeup brushes with such high quality and a performance to give makeup looks the perfect finish. They’re just so fetch. (Yes, I’m going to make it my my mission to make fetch happen).

Does the excitement stop there? Oh no, no, no. Not only are we being treated to a set of brand new makeup brushes, but the actual packaging kept for the collection is in the form of the Burn Book! I just went all heart eye emoji… Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

This collection is completely filled with rainbows and smiles and my beauty persona is seriously drooling right now. My makeup collection may say no, but I say yes, make room beauties!

The collection gives you three options on how to purchase. The 10 piece brush set is £49.99, but will come without the Burn Book. If you’re wanting the Burn Book pouch bag AND the 10 piece brush set, then you’re looking at £79.99. Or if you want the official full size Burn Book, that will cost you £49.99, it doesn’t come with any brushes, however, it can hold up to 40 makeup brushes in total.

The Mean Girls Spectrum range will be released August 30th. Are you ready to make fetch happen? We definitely are! Let us know how you feel about this collection by tweeting us at @Fuzzable.

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