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MAC Redefines Christmas Makeup with New Collection + Advent Calendar

MAC cosmetics has once again rejuvenated Christmas with the announcement and arrival of their 2018 Christmas collection titled Shiny Pretty Things.

It includes a whole slew of new products, the most exciting of which is the MAC advent calendar. This redefinition of what an advent calendar is and can be is changing the game, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Pictured below, the calendar retails on their website for £125.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Outside of the calendar, we are loving the range of shades in the collection. It contains vibrant, Christmasy reds and nude tones that pop on one’s skin. For example, we are loving the rose gold-like color in their face compacts. Pictured below, these compacts retail on their website for £29.00.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

We also cannot get enough of the Shiny Pretty Things lip kit. The colors chosen are guaranteed to shine and pop all winter long, making individuals truly stand out. This kit retails on MAC’s website for  £65.00.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Finally, another standout product we need to showcase is the glitter kit. Whether the sun is shining or snow is flaking in the sky, you’re going to look amazing with any of these colors on your face. The gold and amber tones will work perfectly with the rose gold compact to round out a look. This glitter kit retails on MAC’s website for £25.00.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Again, these are just a few of the many wonderful products in this special holiday collection. The Shiny Pretty Things collection also has their own page on MAC’s website, which can be found here.

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