Lush’s spooktacular Halloween line

At Fuzzablle, we take pride in being some of the biggest ‘Lushies’ around. From our Christmas time Snow Fairy addiction to our day to day obsession with the American Cream conditioner, we can’t get enough of Lushes products. When the company release limited edition products we are always the first to get excited and prepare for bathing heaven! So you can imagine our excitement when we clapped eyes on the latest collection – Lushes Halloween line!

We’ve decided to bring you the low down on the range so you too can get excited.


Ectoplasm Shower Scream – From £5.50

Lush is known for their AMAZING shower creams, so this brightly colored Shower Scream is essential on our Haunted Haul. With tangerine oil for revitalization and fresh grapefruit oil for cleansing your skin will feel freakishly fresh.

Eyeball Bath Bomb – £4.95 

Lush is known worldwide for their insanely amazing bath bombs, and this one is the latest one we’ve been eyeing up. With rose extract and lavender oil, this freaky bomb will soothe you away.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £4.95 each

This glitzy bubble bar is a return of Halloweens past. The biodegradable glitter mixed with juniper berry oil and lime oil and a host of other natural ingredients make this pumpkin almost as irresistible as our pumpkin spiced lattes.

Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb – £5.25 each.

The same scent as the Ectoplasm Shower Gel, but this Jelly Bomb turns your relaxing bath into a slime-fest. Turn your standard bath into so-meting much more ghastly.

Bewitched Bubble Bar – £4.95 Each.

Possibly our favorite product yet is this kitty bubble bar. The smell has been compared to Snow Fairy, it leaves your water black and sparkly and shaped as our favorite furry! Pay day needs to hurry up so we can fill our house up with Bewitched.


There’s even more fun Halloween goodness over at Lush, so make sure you check it all out. 

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Written by Niki

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