Lush Oxford Street

Lush’s no. 1 shop and spa re-opened! Lush at Oxford Street is back!

Over the last few days, we’ve been gushing over Lush’s range, which will make our springtime even more exciting as it already is.

To end our Lush-based mini-series, here’s part three with the most amazing news there could be to bring a series like that to an end:

Lush’s number one shop and spa in the world: Lush at Oxford Street re-opened!

The grand opening happened on Saturday, 1st of May 2021.
The shop has been transformed to combine new experiences and activations previously seen in Lush concept shops around the world.

With that, you’ll find the ultimate shopping destination for Lush lovers in London on Oxford Street!

Lush Oxford Street

Previously we updated you on the different kinds of concepts stores around the world.
Well, with the store on Oxford Street, you won’t have to travel anymore!
Paris, Florence or Japan, it’s all there and ready for you:

  • A Fresh & Flowers concept as seen in Paris​, offering an array of innovative and effective products for face, body and hair
  • A permanent in-store florist selling locally sourced and seasonal bouquets
  • A ​Lush Perfume Library as seen in Florence with exclusive perfumes, scent showers and books on perfumery
  • Tech innovations previously seen in Lush Shinjuku, Japan
  • The re-opening of the Lush Spa, with four treatment rooms and an array of sensory spa treatments to transform mind and body
  • Gifting and Knot Wrap stations with exclusive Lush Oxford Street merchandise
  • And what must be the most exciting thing to try while you’re at the shop:
    You’ll be able to check out Lush’s first-ever in-store vegan coffee shop, Plant Works Cafe run by Send Coffee with direct views overlooking London’s Oxford StreetLush Oxford Street
    For a closer look at Lush Oxford Street on opening day, check out this IGTV:

In case you’re not aware, or it might slipped your mind during lockdown, which would be absolutely understandable: Don’t forget to return your empty Lush bottles and pods to be a part of Lush’s mission ‘Leave the world Lusher than we found it!’
It’s the easiest way to make the world a little bit better and keep it clean.
You return the plastic items and you will receive a 50p deposit to spend on your Lush basket that day.
Side note: Please make sure you cleaned the bottles and pods from the last bits of content.

Lush Oxford Street

Which one of the floors will be the first one you visit as soon as you’ll make it to the store?
Or did you made it to be one of the customers on re-opening day?
Tell us about it @Fuzzable to share your experiences with us.

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