#LushLabs Launches New Hair Conditioners: A Bespoke Experience For Every Lock

#LushLabs loves to surprise us by showcasing innovation and creativity fresh from the lab, with brand new and exclusive launches supported with online conversation. This time, #LushLabs have launched five new fantastic Hair Conditioners created by Product Inventor Dan Campbell to meet different hair needs. These new Hair Conditioners are inspired by real people and are created to embrace what makes every hair unique: their formula includes the best fresh and natural ingredients to fulfill real hair necessities and deliver the ultimate conditioning experience for every lock.

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Aga’s silver conditioner (Price: £17.95)

Blonde locks need a brightness boost? Aga’s got you covered. Packed full of juicy, shine-inducing plums, this toning conditioner with biotin will soften and strengthen for swishable, strokable hair. Violet hues take care of yellow tones and brassiness, while linseed gel and argan oil offer luxurious yet lightweight hydration that’ll have you basking in the breathtaking blonde of your dreams in no time. To highlight cooler tones use this fresh and fruity conditioner weekly, or for silver worth shouting about use with every wash.

Image: Aga’s silver conditioner

What’s inside counts: Plum juice works in tandem with plum balsamic vinegar encouraging cuticles to lie flat, reflecting more light, providing shine and smoothness to hair that needs a helping hand.

Valkyrie conditioner (Price: £15.95)

Haircare doesn’t need to be a battle. Enlist Valkyrie conditioner to defend against tangles, and conquer any look you desire. This hard-working hydrator is the perfect way to prime your ‘do’ for greatness, with protein-rich aquafaba to strengthen, and grapefruit juice for dazzling shine. Don’t leave your hair in the hands of the fates, sweep through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair after shampooing, then rinse away for locks that are ready to face whatever you throw at them. All that remains is to choose which style to slay today.

              Image: Valkyrie conditioner

What’s Inside Counts: Don’t leave your hair in the hands of the fates; olive oil is rich in vitamin E to help retain moisture and boosts the tensile strength of the hair.

Hair Necessities conditioner (Price: £17.95)

So you’re looking for a conditioner that goes the extra mile? A hydrator that knows a thing or two about hair that craves a little TLC? A smooth operator that gets to the root of your mane’s moisture must-haves? This intensive conditioner is overflowing with naturally hydrating ingredients and a lingering, warm maple perfume. Carb loading might sound like it’s only good for the gym (or Friday nights in…) but protein packed sweet potato provides strength and helps bind together split ends, while brightening almond oil offers sumptuous shine. Lock in moisture and breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve finally found the one.

        Image: Hair Necessities conditioner

What’s inside counts: Hair Necessities contains sweet potato, a conditioning carb full of proteins to help bind together split ends.

 Candy rain conditioner (Price: £15.95)

 If you’re craving sumptuous sleekness, this tonka and cocoa scented fix is your saviour – thanks to hydrating coconut, cashew and macadamia milk, and a plentiful helping of Dorset rainwater. Yes, you heard right. Although you might spend your days avoiding a downpour, rainwater collected from the Lush Greenhub helps to smooth hair because it doesn’t contain volumising minerals that cause locks to lift. Added to a conditioning mix of macadamia and Brazil nut oils, this real-life candy rain offers a glossy finish for silky smooth styles.

             Image: Candy rain conditioner

What’s Inside Counts: It’s all about the condition with a tropical trio of moisturizing Brazil and macadamia nut oils and softening coconut cream.

J’s Mom’s Okra conditioner (Price: £15.95)

If you’re tired of medi-okra products that don’t get to the root of your hydration aspirations, look no further. Our moms always told us eating greens would help us grow big and strong, but did you know that green veg also helps the growth and condition of thick, curly and afro hair? Inspired by a homemade recipe, fresh okra is steamed and blended into a cocktail of afro hair-loving ingredients to create a creamy conditioner that softens even the thirstiest of curls. This special recipe is packed with olive and castor oil, which are rich in fatty acids that soften and add shine to your mane. Coat hair in this rich, uplifting conditioner and comb through to detangle. For extra definition leave a small amount in hair to aid styling. And remember, sometimes, moms really do know best!

Image: J’s Mom’s Okra conditioner

What’s inside counts: Castor oil is the afro’s dream because it’s rich in fatty acids, making it a natural humectant as well as softening and adding shine to your mane.

New #LushLabs Hair Conditioners will be part of the new exclusive products available at Lush Liverpool, the biggest Lush shop and spa in the world, which has opened it’s doors on Friday, 15th March, 2019. To discover more about the new Hair Conditioners and purchase online, click here

We are loving this new exclusive range of #LushLabs Hair Conditioners. Tell us which one you think is going to be perfect for the hair care of your beautiful locks in the comments section down below or you can also tweet to us at @fuzzable

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