Lush takes us behind-the-scenes with ‘Armchair Travel’!

If you have been a regular visitor to Fuzzable, you will know: we love Lush! Thanks to ‘Armchair Travel’ we get a see how much work, patience, love, and time go into extracting two ingredients which are essential to some of our favorite Lush products, including but not limited to body lotion (£16/215g), the bubble bar (each £5.95) or also the Twilight bath bomb (each £3.95).

In the following videos which can be viewed from the comfort of your home, you’ll witness how each pod, bath bomb, or soap we buy at Lush reflects the hard work that goes behind-the-scenes. They are all unique and it’s time to appreciate the chance to take a closer look at how the products we love get their two of the most important ingredients – Lavender Oil and Tonka Absolute.

Lavender Oil

Lavender of the sunny south of France and Lush met for the 1st time in the 1980s. Their growing and distillation methods have been perfected within over 100 years of business, so it’s obvious, Lush lovers really only get the best of it all.

Tonka Absolute 

Travel to Amazon rainforest in Brazil and learn about the Kayapo communities that collect the tonka beans. Tonka absolute is very soothing to the skin and can be easily recognized due to its sweet and sort of comforting and warm aroma.

It is lovely to see how the lavender’s harvest is going on, but working with the Kayapó communities means so much more. Sustainable harvest of the tonka beans generates income for Kayapó communities, which contributes to the enhancement of their quality of life as well as enabling them to help protect their forest home against external economic forces bent on destruction such as mining, logging, and cattle ranching.

We always knew Lush cares, but it’s also amazing to find out all the details which have to come together, so we can buy, for example, a pod of Sleepy.

Which is your favourite Lush product that contains Lavender oil and Tonka Absolute? Share them with us @Fuzzable!

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