Image: Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift

Lush Presents ‘Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift’

Today, on Monday, August 19, Lush will launch Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift. Summer of Lush is a limited edition fragrance Knot Wrap gift available to purchase exclusively from for £33.00 only.

Each gift is beautifully wrapped in an Organic cotton Knot Wrap which is Lush’s reusable fabric alternative to traditional gift wrap and designed and dyed by Artisan Community Art Studio: a Dorset based not for profit organization that supports many non-mainstream artists, including the women who dyed the Knot Wraps who live with mental illness.

Image: Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift

A fabric alternative to gift wrap based on the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki, which is basically the art of wrapping in fabric, Lush Knot Wraps can be re-used in dozens of different ways. You can re-use and pass it on as packaging for another beautiful gift to your loved ones, or style as a scarf or a hair tie, or even use as a handy bag. Lush Knot Wraps are made using vintage materials, organic cotton or yarn made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, reducing plastic waste which takes hundreds of years to break down.

Every Knot Wrap is dipped by hand, making each design completely unique. The organic cotton used to make the Knot Wraps is sourced from Re-wrap, an inspirational women’s cooperative in India. Re-wrap (styled as re-wrap) is a social enterprise based in India that produces high-quality, handmade organic cotton and handcrafted textile products. It helps and contributes to empowering the artisans in India who make products for Lush and such other companies by building partnerships with farmers who grow cotton and invest in them along the way.

Re-wrap further aims to create sustainable livelihoods for rural women and artisans where employment opportunities are limited, to help them gain economic independence. By producing millions of reusable Seed-to-Shop products for brands, Re-wrap has contributed to a significant reduction of plastic and paper consumption, which is extremely environment-friendly. From sowing organic cotton seeds to hand sewing the beautiful products, the entire process is kind and positive to the environment and people working with Re-wrap.

These Knot Wraps by Lush have been dyed by Artisan Community Art Studio, which is a Dorset based Not for Profit Organization (NPO). Artisan Studio is a creative safe, supported, art studio space where people can create art, talk and be totally themselves; accepting people as they are, without any judgments.

Image: Artisan Studio who dyed Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gifts!

According to the Artisan Studio Manager, Pauline Stanley,

“We have been really experimental and creative with the Knot Wraps and because we dyed them all differently, they are all beautifully individual. We have all really enjoyed working on this project for Lush and it has been a great confidence booster for the group. We now consider ourselves the Queens of Tie Dye! We are really looking forward to celebrating the launch day!”

Pauline Stanley – Artisan Studio Manager

Artisan Studio is a thriving independent art studio in the Bournemouth/Poole area. It offers a wide range of interesting, high quality, courses in arts, crafts, textiles. With the motto of, “Believing that visual arts expression is for everyone and that creativity significantly improves personal wellbeing”, Artisan Studio supports individuals and groups through a person-centered, humanistic approach.

Image: Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift

As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, now is the time to make some memories. Let your worries drift away on a summer breeze, and breathe in the scent of crisp apples under a cherry blossom sky. To discover the fragrances inside, simply unwrap, spritz your chosen fragrance across the body and style it up with the new reusable Knot Wrap. (Contains: Sakura body spray 100ml and So White body spray 100ml.)

For more information about re-wrap, check here! And to know more about the Artisan Studion, click here!

Exclusive Summer of Lush Knot Wrap Gift is now available to purchase. Buy here!

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