LUSH Opens Its Biggest Ever Store & Spa!

Following a change in location and subsequent interior transformation, LUSH Liverpool opened its doors to the public for the very first time last Friday (March 15th 2019) to unveil the world’s biggest ever LUSH store!

Located on 38-46 Church Street, and spread out over three floors and an impressive 1,380 sqm, LUSH Liverpool features an exciting array of new services and experiences for customers to discover including…

  • A Hair Lab offering treatments and cutting services
  • A permanent Florist selling locally sourced and seasonal bouquets
  • Handmade Fresh products made onsite
  • A Perfume Library selling exclusive perfumes and books on perfumery
  • Shop floor Lush Spa treatments including a brand new Liverpool exclusive percussion massage – ‘Shop don’t Drop’ and a Fresh Facial
  • New look Lush Spa with 6 treatment rooms
  • Lush party area with new party packs
  • A coffee/tea kiosk
  • An abundance of innovative and exclusive new products across makeup, skincare, bath, hair and music!

With the aim to bring more innovation and more creative personal experiences than ever before to the high street, LUSH have once again pushed the boundaries and changed the way in which we experience shopping in-store forever.

“Liverpool is full of opportunities. We have had a lot of experience in this city for a long time and the new shop is geared up to what I hope our customers here need. We look forward to encouraging people to use the products in the shop before they go to work or out that night.”

Mark Constantine OBE, Lush Co-founder & Managing Director

You are cordially invited…

Team Fuzzable were extremely privileged to have been invited to attend the LUSH Liverpool Store & Spa grand opening last Friday and we must say, we were BEYOND excited about it!

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the high street and stepping into the store for the very first time was like entering a magical wonderland of peace and tranquility – the stores design, aesthetic and overall vibe took our breath away.

Greeted and welcomed in with open arms by the most polite, well-mannered and enthusiastic team of staff, we were instantly made to feel like we were a part of the LUSH family.

Five times bigger than Liverpool’s previous LUSH store, it is abundantly clear to see how much innovative thought and planning has gone into creating what the team are calling their ‘destination store’.

From the larger than life floral displays, to the chic make up counters, the white marble work stations (where customers can see products being made), to the jungle like treatment areas, the colour co-ordinated bath bomb wall, to the bath bomb conveyer belt… everywhere you turn there is something unique and new to see.

With 300 brand new products available for purchase and the capacity to store over 9 million (!) bath bombs, LUSH Liverpool is most definitely the go to place for all of your beauty needs.

Take a look around the new Lush Liverpool Store & Spa below:

In conclusion…

A visit to LUSH Liverpool is a one of a kind experience, one of which we guarantee you will not find anywhere else on the high street.

Each category and each product has it’s own perfect place and chance to shine. Each work station, each beauty area has it’s own aesthetic and perfect little style of it’s own. The attention to detail across the entire store is impeccable and we commend and congratulate EVERYONE involved for creating a truly enchanting safe space for fashion and beauty lovers the world over to visit.

LUSH is a brand for everyone, it embodies inclusivity, and exudes a real sense of unity that will FOR SURE keep customers coming back to shop in their stores again, and again, and again.

Have you been to visit the new LUSH Liverpool Store & Spa yet? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter @Fuzzable now!

And be sure to visit Fuzzable over the next few weeks to read our EXCLUSIVE interviews with LUSH co-founder Mo Constantine, LUSH director Karl Bygrave & LUSH Record Label Manager Mira Manga.

Written by philip_logan

Contact: Twitter & IG: @philip_logan

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