Lush Mothers Day Gift Guide – Flowers and Butterfly treats for the most important women in our lives

As the last bits and pieces of Valentine’s Day range just slowly disappear out of the shelves at Lush, new arrivals are on the way!!

This time it’s all about the strongest, most amazing and important women in our lives: Our mothers!

If you struggle to find the perfect present for Mother’s Day, you might a little push of inspiration on the list below.
As usual, Lush brings back beloved classics for every possible celebration, combined with new, amazing products your mom will be able to treat herself with like the queen she is on daily bases.

If you decide to get your mom flowers, get her a bunch of these!

Look at these absolutely gorgeous, flowery bath bombs!

Jasmine Flower bath bomb £5.95 / €7.95 each

Chamomile Flower bath bomb £5.95 / €7.95 each

Iris Flower bath bomb £5.95 / €7.95 each

Marigold Flower bath bomb £5.95 / €7.95 each

Floating Flower bath bomb £5.95 / €7.95 each

To raise a child, or more is not the nicest cup of tea from time to time.
Not the time in which we are babies and cry for food and cuddles and for a clean diaper… Let’s talk about the time we start to grow up, we think, we are SO close to be adults and start fights in our early teenage years…Yeah, we all have a memory to such a scenario… And what happened? We were close to crying out for our mom.
We wouldn’t have made it through this exact situation in our minds and so, so many more, if this amazing woman wouldn’t have been beside us, wouldn’t have given us the hugs we so desperately needed and not even had to ask if we’re okay, because she already knew something was up.
This woman made it raise us to the person we are today and it’s time to remember her what a Wonder- Woman she is all day every day.

Madame President bath bomb £4.95 / €6.50 each

Incredible Mum bath bomb £ 4.50 / €5.95 each

At least at Mother’s Day, we should remember and make it to not taking her for granted… We do it way too often…We know we do, even we don’t want to do so.
So, let’s simply pour her a cup of tea or coffee, buy her favourite cake and tell her: I love you, mom. I know, I don’t always say it, but thanks to your girl power, thanks to everything you did for me till this day, I am who I am today! love you and you are the most beautiful butterfly in my life. You are a butterfly because butterflies can’t see their own beauty.

Wild Butterfly bath bomb £4.95 / €6.50 each

Rose Butterfly bath bomb £4.95 / €6.50 each

Lemon Butterfly bath bomb £4.95 / €6.50 each

More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb £7.95 / €9.95 each

GrlPwr bubble badge £5.95 / €7.95 each

Maybe, after all the suggestions you might have the right very Lush present for her…But she doesn’t like to take a bath… She might want to have a look at these lovely specials for a shower!

Strawberry Hill shower bomb £2.75 / €2.95 each

Mamma Mia shower scrub £10.95 / €14.95 for 300g OR
£19.95 / €27.50 for 600g

And of course, we can’t miss out to show you the return of the adorable Hunny Bear massage bar (£5.95 / €7.95 each)

and the very lovely Raspberry Milkshake soap (£7.95 / €9.95 each)

You will find these absolutely sweet Knot Wraps to complete your present.

Free As A Bird (£4.95 / €6.75 each)

Marguerite Pracatan (£4.95 / €6.75 each)

Floral Kaleidoscope (£3.95 / €5.50 each)

The Butterfly Effect (£4.95 / €6.75 each)

Mother Nature (£4.95 / €6.75 each)

Or, the 2nd option, which will always be there…Pick one of the Mother’s Day themed presents!
You will find not just the specials, but also favorites we all would love to get as a present, such as the Sleepy shower gel, the Rose Jam bubbleroon, the sleepy body lotion or the Goddess bath bomb.

Wham Bam Thank You Mam  (£18.95 each)

Thanks (13.95 each)

Psychedelicate Bathing (£29.95 each)

Petal Power (£42.95 each)

Mum (£32.95 each)

Happy Mother’s Day (£ 49.95 each)

Girl Power (£25.95 each)

There are so many lovely things we all would love to get for ourselves at this very moment.
But the next time, you step into your closest Lush store, think of your mom first.
We all know, our very own Wonder Woman is the most precious person we have in our lives.
Even we most likely won’t ever be able to show her all the love and dedication she truly deserves, the most important thing is: We start somewhere and it’s not a bad idea to help her relax from all the daily troubles we might also be a part of the reason for.

Get in touch with us on Twitter and let us know which limited Lush product and present you like best!

Written by Vanessa

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