Lush Get Naked. . Again.

Lush is renowned for creating the best eco and animal-friendly products on the market. From using recycled packaging and making products out of only natural ingredients. They have paved a way for brands to use less and source their ingredients responsibly. Now to go one step further Lush have opened their second ‘Naked’ store in Germany.

The Naked stores are different from other Lush flagship stores, as everything within their shop is packaging free. There isn’t one product in the Milan or Germany store that is wrapped, potted or packaged, making it totally waste free.  From shower gel bars to solid moisturizers our everyday needs are met with zero packaging reducing so much landfill waste!

Upon the opening of the Berlin located store lush said

At Lush, we have always tried to use creative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar which saves nearly 6 million plastic bottles yearly, and, more recently, offering customers a solid alternative to liquid shower gel. As of 2018, 65% of Lush’s all year round products are currently totally unpackaged.
Naked knows no bounds however and, following the success of the first Lush Naked shop in Milan which opened in June 2018, the new shop in Berlin will host more than 240 alternatives to packaged cosmetics, including the classics such as solid shampoo bars and soaps, along with brand new innovations in the form of solid body lotions, shower bombs, facial oils, serums and much more!
Lush is always expanding their Naked range, and have launched 10 more products which aren’t just sold in the packaging free stores, they are available online too. Heres some of our favorites!
Amazon Primer Bar – £9.95
Lush has some of the best makeup primers on the market, they don’t just hold your makeup in place, they treat and soothe your skin too. This primer bar contains murumuru butter, Japan wax, Rosewood oil, and many more skin-loving ingredients, so you’ll look and feel like a queen.
Mortal Komboo Undereye Mask £1.50

This undereye mask contains only 4 ingredients, but it mighty enough to soothe and brighten puffy tired eye bags. The miracle mask contains Kombu seaweed, green tea infusion, green tea extract, and witch hazel extract so you’ll be transported to the calm seas!

Sleepy Face Cleanser – £4.95
Showing that just because they are naked, doesn’t mean their not cute AF is this night time face cleanser. The blend of lavender oil and oat milk allows even the most sensitive skin to be left feeling soft, and the mind to unwind before bed.
And our favorite OG naked product . . . .
Full Of Grace Facial Serum Bar – £8.95
This is our favorite Lush product of all time, and it comes unwrapped! This facial serum bar is simple to use, lasts ages (We’re on month 5 of daily use and still have about a month left of usage). There’s nothing that makes your skin feel brighter and more loved then the Full of Grace bar, you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of a facial every time.
If you’re in either Munich or Berlin, be sure to pop into the Naked store and pick up these products for yourself, or order them online with the links above. 
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Written by Niki

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