4 easy alternatives to buying your cosmetics from Lush

If you’re anything like us, you’ll find it hard to walk into a shopping mall and resist the urge to check out your local Lush.

Lush products are, without a doubt, some of the best cosmetics on the market, and it’s tough to find a bath bomb or body butter that smell as good as the ones from Lush.

But we all know that Lush can be incredibly expensive, and it’s easy to walk away from a haul with hundreds of pounds worth of cosmetics that you probably don’t need.

Below, we’ve rounded up five easy alternatives to buying your cosmetics from Lush.

1. Make your own

Yes, you read that right. You really can make your own Lush-inspired products in the comfort of your own home. It might be a little technical the first time, and you’ll probably have to stock up on ingredients from Amazon, but you can easily create your own bath bombs and facial cleansers with some simple ingredients without spending a fortune.

One of our favourite Lush products is Angels on Bare Skin – and below, Tanya has created her own version using ground almonds, lavender buds and some essential oils.

2. Head to the supermarket

You may think that supermarket cosmetics are synthetic and bad for your skin, but there is an increasing number of organic, natural products sitting on our supermarket shelves. Visit your local supermarket and check out what they have to offer; just remember to read the ingredients for any harmful chemicals, and steer clear of anything that you think may dry out your skin.

3. Support local businesses

Local businesses, pop-up shops and charity initiatives are moving away from bakes and cookies and instead creating their own organic cosmetics. Search for local businesses in your area that create their own cosmetics, and be sure to support them. It’s great to know that you’re getting a wholesome product that’s good for your skin, all while keeping money in your local economy.

4. Cut back on cosmetics

Do you really need to have a face mask every weekend – and are bath bombs necessary after every shopping trip? Try to be more mindful of how much money – and produce – you’re literally throwing down the drain by buying cosmetics, and cut back on your usage. We’re not saying that you should stop treating yourself altogether, but rationing your beauty regime will help.

Do you spend too much money at Lush, or have you found other stores offering similar products at lower prices? Share your alternatives in the comments below!

Written by Jack

My name is Jack, and I'm the founder of Fuzzable.com and CelebMix.com. I work in marketing, and in my spare time, I love blogging on Fuzzable and binging YouTube videos.

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