Lush Cork Pots – Packaging That Fights Climate Change

Listen up, Lush lovers!

We’ve got a chance to step our game up in fighting climate change! If you love to carry your favorite shampoo bar with you wherever you go, Lush has got something for you – its first carbon-positive packing.

The Cork Pots!

Sourced from Southern Portugal, the cork pots are made from the bark of the cork oak, which Lush has been using since November 2017. On August 12th, the company’s product received certification from The Carbon Trust as a Carbon Neutral packaging product. The certification verified that each 35g Cork Pot sequesters over 33 times its weight in carbon dioxide, removing approximately 1.2kg CO2e from the atmosphere.

As a non-timber forest product, cork is harvested by stripping the bark off the trees using a rotating system. Over a course of nine years, the bark grows back and is ready to be harvested again.

By using naked Lush products like shampoo bars, you reduce the need for packaging. Add a Cork Pot (each £7.50) to your basket and take the next step in saving the environment, something that has become the need of the hour. It’s a small adjustment in your daily routine with a great cause and an even bigger outcome.

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