Glampire or Gross- Lunatick Cosmetics review.

Lunatick Cosmetics is an alternative makeup brand. They’re cruelty free, vegan and made for the inner demon diva in us. Everything created by Lunatick is themed around the undead and super natural, but with super wearable products inclusive of all skin tones. Today were reviewing an eye pallet, translucent pressed powder, a lipstick, liquid lipstick and a contour pallet from the brand.


When speaking to the lovely people at Lunatick, they fast became our favourite people we’ve ever spoken to. Everyone on the team were so lovely, the response time was insanely fast, and everything felt super personal.

When our parcel came, we were expecting a standard brown box, and our times to be packaged in standard bubble wrap. This was not the case at all. Our parcel was a black coffin shaped box, with the incredibly punny ‘Here lies your face’ written on it. Inside we were met by possibly the coolest wrap ever, matte black bubble wrap and blood red tissue. The whole theme of Lunatick Cosmetics is kept through every aspect.

Eye Pallet- Supernatural.

This pallet is AMAZING. It comes in a cute af coffin shaped pallet, which securely closes with magnets. There’s a super handy bat shaped mirror, and each eye shadow pan is removable and replaceable, so if you hit pan on one shade first, you can simply pop it out and replace it with a single shadow pan.

The shadows them-self are insanely pigmented but with minimal fall out. Everything blends out like a dream. What we loved about this pallet is it can easily have many looks, from a simple day time look to a crazy dead of the night look.

Pressed Powder.

The Ouija shaped powder compact is awesome. Again, the magnetic fastening makes this so incredible for travelling. Oh and a handy mirror on front.

The powder is amazing. It’s almost supernatural itself. It has a silky smooth texture, that doesn’t flash back in photos. Our makeup lasted the whole day, and its all down to this super power powder.

Powder Contour book Vol 1.

This is the ultimate powder contour pallet. It comes with powder to brighten your under eye, blushes, standard cool toned contour shades and warm tone bronzers. But the genius of this pallet is the unusual shades, the greys. The reason for this is to actually create shadow looks on your face, because well shadows are grey. The powders blend beautifully and don’t cake up. Plus there is literally the perfect shades for every skin tone.

Calabaza Bullet Lipstick.

First of all. This packaging is incredible.It’s a metal component shaped like an actual bullet. Genius.

The lipstick is a reddish nude, with a satin finish. The formula is insanely good. It’s pretty long wearing and doesn’t feel sticky or clumpy.

Liquid Lip Dye- Laurie.

If you take anything from this review, it is that this liquid lipstick is the very best on the planet. The colour is a nudey mauve, which looks stunning on natural makeup days and insane over the top makeup days too.


The formula is the very best on the market. Within 2 mins it dried down completly matte and only took one dip to be completely opaque. My pout outlasted being on the phone for 2 hours, eating a pizza and ice cream, kisses and drinks. The colour didn’t crack though-out the day, and didn’t feel drying at all. It has replaced our Kylie Posie K in our every day makeup bag.


(We’re wearing the contour vol 1 and Laurie above)

Over all verdict of Lunatick Cosmetics.

This brand is incredible. Every aspect of Lunatick is perfect from the customer service, the packaging, the insanely high quality of everything to the uniqueness the makeup has. The only negative to Lunatick Cosmetics is that we don’t have enough faces to wear every single thing. A brilliant company who celebrates the uniqueness of everybody, zombies and all. 

You can check out everything we have mentioned and much more at Lunatick’s website. But good luck, you will decide you need everything.

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Written by Niki

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