Lunar Beauty announces the launch of Moon Prism Blush Collection

If you have been waiting for a new Lunar Beauty Collection like us, we have good news for you.

On Wednesday, the brand will be releasing their new Moon Prism Blush Collection. Comprising of a blush palette and a gloss trio, the collection will launch on May 20, 10 AM PST. For the fans in the United States, the products will be available on Morphe + Sephora from May 29th.

Manny MUA found Lunar Beauty in 2018. With a well of knowledge and a deep passion for make-up, the influencer-cum-founder has been using his platform to share tutorials, impressions, and products.

His attention to the details in branding, packaging, and production of products is evident in his explainer videos and has even caught the attention of the viewers, intriguing them to try the products. The new video is no different.

Manny MUA took on YouTube to conduct a detailed walk-through and it was a treat to watch his enthusiasm for the new collection.

Never Done Before – Moon Prism Blush Palette

The palette is titled Moon Prism Blush palette. He mentioned this will be a new category for the brand as he has never done blushes before. The shades have a cosmic vibe and ombre contrast, crafted to suit as many skin tones as possible. The palette comprises of five matte and one shimmer shade. The best part? All the shades are ‘buildable’ and can be used for experimentation with layering.

It weighs 27.24 gms and is compact enough to be carried anywhere.

It’s priced at $35.

Want to know more about the shades? Check out the list below:

Pink Moon – Pink blush, suited for pale skin and lighter complexions

Twilight – Warm blush with apricot orange shade

Spacey – Plum pink blush, suited for medium and deeper complexions

Shimmer – Gold undertone to complement other shades in the palette

Stargaze – Blush pink for people who love bridal tones in their makeup

Gravity – Terracotta brown shade with a peach undertone, suited for deeper and medium complexions. It can be used for the eyes too!

A Top Tier Treat – Gloss Trio

In addition to the palette, Lunar Beauty is also launching a gloss trio and it’s a permanent collection. Just like palette package, a lot of attention has been paid to gloss collection too with rainbow holographic effect on the outside and galactic images on the inside.


Selene – Making a comeback from Greek Goddess collection, the champagne glittery gloss will be available in new white packaging.

Moon – Between Selene and Starlight, Moon is a balanced gloss with nude pink shade.

Starlight – If Selene has more glitter, Starlight has more reflection. It suits people who want to create a shimmer effect without actually using much glitter.

Every individual gloss is priced at $17 but if bought in a bundle, the buyer will have to spend $40 and save 28%. The complete palette and gloss bundle can be collectively bought at $60.

Not a bad deal, huh?

The complete information for the collection will be available on Lunar Beauty’s official website.

Are you excited for the launch tomorrow? Share your thoughts via tweet @Fuzzable.

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