Love Reading? Here are 10 tips to fit more reading into your busy schedule!

The current circumstances (April 2020) might not be the busiest days and weeks you’ve ever experienced: However, we’re sure our busy daily life, which we currently miss so much, will pick up its pace again sooner or later. This means for all the book lovers around, there won’t be as much quality time left to spend on one of our favorite hobbies. Maybe, even during the period of social distancing, you might want to challenge yourself and take part in one or two read-a-thons around.

Our fellow book lovers at Fuzzable have come up with 10 tips on how to make more time for reading!

Tip #1: Set a Goodreads goal for the year

You’re the only person who’s able to judge how many books you might be able to read in a year. You know your pace, your habits, and your schedule, So to start off: set yourself a realistic Goodreads reading goal for the year. With each book you’d finished, you get the information if you’re on track, behind or ahead of your reading challenge. If it’s too much, or you’re way ahead, the number of books you want to read is adaptable at any given point in time.

Tip #2: Mix up your To-be-read

It is important to have a well-mixed TBR prepared, especially when it comes to participate in a read-a-thon. Who doesn’t like big, voluminous books with page numbers over 1K?  However, it might become boring, slow your reading pace, and bring your motivation down. So, mix your TBR up with short exciting reads (about 300 pages), mix the genre from chick-lit to crime, fantasy, and romance.

Tip #3: Set a page count goal for the day

Another good thing to do to fit more reading into your day is to set a page count for the day.
If you want to get into reading, 30 pages a day will do, to begin with, and once you have made it, raise your bar to 50, and maybe, a few weeks later you’ll have 100 pages down a day the next time you pick a book. Achieving little goals will keep you motivated to continue and you’ll quickly find out how many pages you’ll be able to read in one day and still feel relaxed.

Tip #4: Take extra time

Something, quite easy to do at the moment, is taking extra time to read a few pages, a chapter or two. This is all down to a matter of taste. Some of you might be fine to sit and do some reading for a few hours straight. Maybe you can sneak in a few pages while you’re waiting for the commercial break on TV to be over. Some of you like to read as bedtime routine and get a few pages in before going to bed. Whatever you like best: There are for sure a few minutes each day that can be filled with reading!

Tip #5: Get rid of social media distractions

Even when you want to sit, read, and fully concentrate on the book in your hands, one thing might distract you -your mobile phone. Of course, playing music while reading is one of the best things ever, but all the other notifications that pop up? Not so much. Try to play some of your favorite music on your phone, place it on the other side of your room, and focus on your book. If that won’t work, you might like to try an app to block your social media and notifications temporarily (Offtime, Moment, Flipd, or Freedom) so you won’t be distracted while enjoying the book in your hands.

Tip #6: Include an audiobook

Some stories might be very entertaining, exciting, but as thrilled as you are to dive into the story’s setting, something won’t get you going. To mix your reading experience up a bit more, try to include an audiobook. Having a great narrator read a story to you might help to fight off an upcoming reading slump or get you over these few pages you didn’t seem to get through. Having an audiobook being read to you will also give you time to be productive otherwise, while you’re still making progress on your TBR.

Tip #7: Read on public transport instead of playing on your phone

Our mobile phones are always with us, and it’s so easy to sit on our daily public transport trips and doodle on them for, actually, no reason. This is the time to slip your phone into your pocket and get your book out. In the morning or in the evening, to distract your mind from the daily hassles, a few pages until you have to exit the train or the bus will help you relax and have a “me” time.

Tip #8: Take a break

Even if your reading is going great, don’t forget to take little breaks now and then.
Go outside, take a walk, spend time with your family, watch a bit of TV, spend some time on another hobby. If you only focus on your reading goal, you get over the joy reading gives you.

Tip #9: Don’t forget a snack

Reading and losing yourself in an exciting story might let you lose track of how long it’s been since you last ate a bite. So: Always keep a snack close to you and stay hydrated.

Tip #10: Don’t take it too seriously

Reading is one of your hobbies, that’s what it should be. It’s fun to challenge yourself from time to time, but if you can’t get to the set reading goal page-wise or if you can’t finish a book in a certain time of the day, the week or month, it’s not a big deal. If you start a book you’re excited about and don’t feel the same excitement while you’re reading it – Stop it. Put it to the side and get another which speaks to you more. If you see the numbers of not finished books in your Goodreads- challenge increase, don’t worry. You can change them, whenever you like.

Read-a-thons or reading challenges, in general, should be fun first and foremost, so if you can’t achieve a goal in said time, don’t bother. The next opportunity to set new reading goals will come soon.

Have you ever taken part in a read-a-thon? Get in touch via Twitter and share your top tips to prepare for a reading challenge.

Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
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