Why I Love Gigs And Concerts

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves going to a gig – whether it be in a small venue – or a concert on a larger scale. As cheesy as it sounds, they do make me happy and as much as it has been said that I go to too many gigs and concerts, I love them.

Why do I love them so much? Many reasons really.

Firstly, I think the excitement in the lead-up to a gig or concert is unreal. Even getting ready and knowing you are set to have a good night ahead is an insanely good feeling. I always look forward to a gig or concert, and always make sure I have my outfit planned a few months in advance. I mean, you have to look good right?!

The feeling when you arrive is also something else. Your in a room with people all there for the same reason – to see the same artist. I think that the day of a gig or concert is a day to treat yourself and I always go for dinner before it and then go to the venue. I always make a day of it, because it’s one of the few days in the year where you can really enjoy yourself, without worrying about looking stupid or being anxious about what other people think about you.

I remember recently going to Josh Taylor’s ‘Hot For Me’ tour in Belfast, and it was such a good day. I’m never normally a fan of gigs and concerts being held in the day time, but Josh’s one was actually really good. Me and my sister were dancing away at the back, and it was just us having fun, and I think that signifies what a gig really is – having the best time of your life.

It’s harder for concerts, but for smaller gigs, I always try and get Meet and Greet tickets if they are available. I don’t think anything beats the feeling of standing in front of someone whose music you have listened to for a long time and who has helped you through so much, and thanking them for all they have done. The one thing I do hate about the Meet and Greets though is the photos. It sounds stupid, getting photos always worries me because of the amount of self-doubt and lack of self-confidence I have.

The atmosphere when the lights go off in an arena and everyone is screaming…wow. The 10,000 people screaming together are suddenly in this as a team, putting on a united front.

Gigs and concerts are a small escape from the tough and hard reality of life, and a place where all your worries are left at home for a short while.

I have several gigs planned for 2017 – and I can’t wait for them. Some are in larger venues and some are in more intimate venues. Regardless of where they are, there is not a doubt in my mind that they will be unforgettable and I will enjoy every second.

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