Lottie Tomlinson appears on Jamie Genevieve: A Year in the Life

BBC is currently airing a documentary series, Jamie Genevieve: A Year in the Life and one of our faves, Lottie Tomlinson appears in the second episode.

Jamie Genevieve: A Year in the Life, follows Scottish Beauty Vlogger Jamie Genevieve in the run-up to her wedding. The series on BBC iPlayer has ten episodes. In the second episode which aired on August 14, Jamie is in Ibiza for the launch of Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro, for which she is a “brow hero for” (basically an ambassador for the brand) and who else is there as well? Lottie!

Lottie pops up about five minutes into the second episode. The pair discuss hair products as Jamie has Pink hair, Lottie has yellow hair. Jamie tells Lottie that she too uses Bleach [London] products on her hair, Lottie immediately named the Bleach product she thinks Jamie uses and Jamie confirms she is correct!

Based on Lottie’s hair colour we think this episode of Jamie Genevieve: A Year in the Life was filmed back in August 2018.

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You watch the full episode here to see Lottie!

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