Lola Brooke Features in Foot Locker NYC and Converse’s “Create Next” Campaign

New York-born rap artist, lyricist and rising star Lola Brooke recently featured in Foot Locker NYC & Converse Black Music Month’s “Create Next” campaign 2022.

In celebration of Black Music Month and artists on the rise from New York, Foot Locker NYC joined forces with the renowned American shoe brand, Converse, and launched their latest campaign, the “Create Next” series. Launched earlier this month, the series showcases the rising champions poised for success in many dimensions from NYC. It comes with an accompanying photo shoot, freestyle, and interview feature.

“I want to be remembered for being unapologetic.” — Lola Brooke via Foot Locker NYC x Converse

The campaign kicked off with Brooklyn-based rising artist Lola Brooke as the first feature and champion of the “Create Next” series. Lola Brooke is a rapper and songwriter. A native of Bed Stuy Brooklyn, New York, Lola has been writing music since she was 8 but kicked off her career as a consistent artist at 23. With the help of her team, Lola has pushed her way into the music industry, building a buzz around her name and gritty style while also maintaining a growing fan base through consistency.

Watch Brooklyn-born Lola’s freestyle performance here if you had any doubts about her outstanding skill!

Foot Locker NYC wrote this on their Instagram while introducing Lola Brooke!

“Packed into Brooklynite rapper and actress Lola Brooke, petite frame are all the makings of the music world’s next superstar: a boisterous personality, the versatility to carve her space in any creative medium; and above all, the lyrical ability to hold her own against any competitor. Lola is one of Brooklyn’s finest, coming up as one of the NEXT big rappers in the game.”

“Me growing up, I was always feeling alone…so I tried to figure out ways to express myself without feeling the need to run to someone to express myself.” — Lola Brooke via Foot Locker NYC x Converse

Lola has made tremendous gains for her artistry, receiving international recognition for her distinctive appeal. Earlier this year, Lola made waves with her viral freestyle on Charlie Sloth’s “Fire In The Booth” series. This performance further attested to her talent!

Watch the video below!

Amidst the sea of synonymous newcomers, Lola Brooke distinguishes out as she establishes herself in the hip-hop community. She has the self-awareness to acknowledge that she is still coming into her own as a young lady and the confidence to allow that aspect of self-discovery to reflect in her songs.

In her songs, she often navigates various themes, including the challenges of adolescent life. She quickly made a name for herself on New York’s unforgiving freestyle circuit, drawing the attention of producer Reefa Slater, who signed her to his newly formed Team 80 imprint in 2016.

Lola Brooke has committed to music showcasing her versatility and creativity when the beat drops. Her consistent releases and charismatic demeanour helped her to grow a devoted fanbase, which reflects in her amassing over a million streams across 91 countries on Spotify alone. She has also gained the attention of some of the music OGs, including Snoop Dog and Foxy Brown.

Lola Brooke via Foot Locker NYC Instagram

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