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We thought we would do some reviews on Little Mistress London and as the weather is changing and Autumn is slowly creeping in. We can all feel very lethargic with no motivation, but instead of going down the slippery slope to a complete vegetative state why not revamp your wardrobe in the latest Autumn/Winter fashion pieces from one of my favourites – Little Mistress London! They are a real hidden gem with so many statement pieces; you will not be hard pushed to find lots of great looks for even better prices.

There’s a few looks we have included in this article so please enjoy them as you read!

Ever wanted to really stand out from the crowd? Be different in what you wear? Have that extra something? Well Little Mistress London has the answer. They offer that different look, the stand out from the crowd two piece sets… Take a look at a few of our top picks below. You will find these in the ‘Trending’ link on their website!

Riot Orange PaperBag Trouser – offers a simply effortless look, but adds that sophisticated edge we all look for in our clothes. These trousers would work well with either sandals/dressier shoes which you see above or even a darker brown flat flip flop sandal, if you are doing more walking and it’s more of a casual day/evening out.

We just love these two together, a very warm colour for the skirt, again very simple but not the obvious two piece you would necessarily add together, dressy but it doesn’t give off the vibe that you tried too hard, we love looks like this. We definitely recommend an outfit like this. We know we will be purchasing them for this autumn.

Aggero Stripe Midi Dress – this is a look for all occasions, why not wear it at work? A shopping trip maybe? Even a lovely stroll in the park. It just needs a mini rucksack and a pair of loafers and your good to go!

With the internet being what it is today, we think women mostly find it very hard to keep up with new fashion, but don’t let the pressure get to you, always be different in the clothes you buy, but never try and wear things that just don’t suit you. You know how your body works and what looks good on it; be creative but don’t lose who you are is my top tip.

We just love the below ‘Ronnie Leopard Denim Jacket’ so much so that we thought we would take a few photos of ourselves in it to show you what kind of clothes you can style it with as the list is endless. Enjoy!

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We have also included the link below to the Little Mistress London website and saved you the hassle of perusing the high street. So browse your favourites now! Why wait?

Little Mistress London

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