Lip Colors That Work All Year Long

There’s always been this saying that some lip colors are for spring/summer and some are for fall/winter. Well, that’s not true anymore.

A lot more of us are wearing fall-ish colors all year long and do you want to know why? Because we can.

Here’s a few favorites that are just too good to not wear all year long.

1. Nudes

fullsizerender*image via makeupthang on instagram

Nudes are timeless no matter what season it is. A nude, whether it’s pink, brown or skin tone, is always the right addition to a makeup look. It will always compliment the rest of your hard work.

2. Plums

fullsizerender-3*image via thataylaa on instagram

Plums are a favorite because they can make your face pop. It’s a standout look. When someone wears a plum lipstick it’s bound to get compliments from admirers.

3. Reds

fullsizerender-2*image via nikkietutorials on instagram

Red is one of the boldest and most powerful colors a girl can wear. It’s great for every skin tone and will never fail you.

4. Chocolates

fullsizerender-1*image via hollyboon__ on instagram

A chocolate lipstick really warms your face up; that’s why it’s great for all seasons. You can feel as pale as pale can be and put on a nice chocolate lip and feel warm. It’s a magical color.

Do you have a favorite lip color you wear all year long? Do you wear these shades as we do? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter! @Fuzzable

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