5 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile and land more opportunities

Whether you’re still in school or you’ve entered the workplace, it’s essential that you have a LinkedIn profile in 2018. Doing so can help you land more opportunities and stand out in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace – especially if you want to work in the world of media. We’ve put together five ways to make your LinkedIn profile rock and help you score the opportunities you deserve.

1. Use a professional photograph

LinkedIn is a professional network, and as such, it’s important that you use a professional-looking photograph. Make sure that you’re wearing smart attire and you’re smiling in your photograph. And, rather than taking a selfie, ask a friend or colleague to take a picture for you. Using the same image as your Facebook profile won’t cut it, and pictures from your drunken night out aren’t acceptable.

Smile for the camera

2. Fill in all of the sections

We get it; writing about yourself is boring. But having a full LinkedIn profile is important for attracting potential employers, and it allows you to show off all of the great skills and experiences you’ve had. This includes your work experience, skills, education, interests and accomplishments.

3. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations from old bosses and managers can transform your profile and increase trust when reaching out to new people. When you come to the end of a role or work experience placement, don’t be afraid of asking for a recommendation. In many cases, these testimonials can serve as alternatives to a traditional reference, helping you land a new job quicker than ever before.

4. Write stuff on LinkedIn

One of LinkedIn’s more recent features is the ability to publish content. You can post about your experience, share your thoughts on your industry or create a listicle of things you’ve learned in your career so far. If your content is up to scratch, there’s a chance it will be shared by your connections, putting your work in front of new eyes and (potentially) encouraging employers to reach out to you.

5. Include media and examples of your work

Where appropriate, it’s great to include media and examples of your work under your professional experience. Giving employers more information about what you did in your previous roles can be beneficial, so find the best articles you wrote and include them in your profile. You can do this when adding a new professional role to your profile, selecting media, and uploading documents, photos, sites, videos, and presentations. Doing so will make your profile ‘pop’ and help you stand out.

Nobody said LinkedIn was as fun as other social networks, and we’re certainly not saying that you should spend all of your free time there, but keeping an active presence can help. Start by following our tips and getting your profile up to a high standard, and the rest should follow naturally. Good luck!

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