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Lilly Singh just made her fourth vision board and you should try it too! ?

On January 4th, 2020, Lilly Singh took on her YouTube channel to share some personal tips for making a vision board. She is already on her fourth one but her tips can be easily followed by beginners who are looking for ways to create an actionable vision board. Vision Board is “a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals, intended to serve as inspiration or motivation”. It is different from a resolution as it is driven by a plan and a strong mindset. Instead, it’s an extension of a resolution. Making a visual goal chart allows one to visualize the aim and work towards achieving it. While sharing her tips on building a physical vision board, Lilly highlighted the following:

Make a Yearly Vision Board

While we would always want to stick to our short-term timelines but realistically, life doesn’t work that way. We can be made to face unplanned situations and might need time to get back on track. Therefore, we must make realistic goals with realistic timelines so that we have enough buffer to fulfill them.

Create Multiple Sections But Only One Vision Board

As Lilly highlighted in her video, the vision board can have multiple sections like personal and professional goals but fundamentally, there should be only one frame to accommodate everything. Multiple vision boards might lead to a dilemma of prioritizing between personal and professional and might turn into an unfruitful exercise in the long run.

The Six Must-Haves

A foam board, scissors, double-sided tape, Google, printer, and a good mindset. While Lilly listed the pre-requisites in the written order but she placed mindset at the top. Without a positive mindset, one may not feel zealous enough to put any effort into first, making a vision board and second, into materializing it.

Make a List

Google or any image repository can become a maze if we don’t have our list of keywords ready. According to Lilly, we must first create a list of goals we want to achieve and should not limit ourselves in terms of scale. A goal can be as small as buying a new book to as big as buying a new house. Both of them are valid and must be pursued. Once we are ready with the keywords, we can start searching for images.

Three Words of Wisdom

While searching for images, one must have the reason, specification, and manifestation. The choice of an image must not be driven by its aesthetic appeal but because of its resonance with your goal. If your goal is to build a new shelf for your room, the image must come closer to your expectations for the shelf. The goal should be specific otherwise, you won’t have anything to measure the accomplishment. As Lilly shared the example of money, earning is not as specific as aiming for earning $100,000.

Manifestation is as important as specification. In her video, Lilly shared the wish to make more music but she visually manifested it by putting her song at the top of Top Streaming Songs Chart.

Tape It Well and Choose the Best Placement

Making a vision board takes an effort. Therefore, it’s important to use a good-quality tape or gum so that the board remains in a state of viewability for an entire year. Once the board is ready, make sure to place it where you can see it every single day, before going out and before going to bed. Placement is important for visualization and it motivates a person to picture scenarios when these goals will come true.

Watch the complete video below:

Lilly Singh listed collaborations, travel, and music as some of her goals for 2020. What’s yours? Share your vision board with us via tweet @Fuzzable.

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