Life lessons brought to you through movies!

Everybody loves a movie. Whether it’s staying up late with your bff, going out for a date to the cinema or simply binging on Netflix on your day off. If there is one thing that a film can do greater then anything else, is teach you valuable life lessons.

We’ve searched our entire Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and DVD collection to find you a list of the movies we feel not only have a gripping plot, but also teach you important life lessons (we cannot deny the fact this weekend we have done this research and having a movie marathon). So grab your popcorn and take a pick from the movies below and then feel inspired.


Shrek – Everyone deserves a happily ever after.

This fairy tale is the ultimate feel good film. Shrek and his noble steed side-kick Donkey embark on an epic adventure to bring Lord Farquad his choice of wife, Princess Fiona. Ultimately the message of this story is that even the ugliest of beast deserves a happily ever after, and our favourite swamp dwelling Ogre is the one who we know deserves the best forever.

Legally Blonde – You can do whatever you want to do!

Elle Woods was always told she wasn’t smart but she is pretty. So in a mission to win her ex’s heart back she embarks on a mission to become a Harvard Law School student. This hillarious chick flick see’s Elle prove every single doubter wrong as she changes perceptions and takes on a murder trial.

Camp Rock – Be true to you!

Before Demi Lovato was the biggest pop-princess of our time, she was cast in Camp Rock as Mitchi. When she arrived at camp, instead of embracing that her mom was camp chef she tried to hide it. Obviously everything went horribly wrong and she learnt she was enough being herself, but she stole the heart of Joe Jonas both on and off-screen.

Princess Diaries – Be careful who you judge.

Mia was bullied for everything from her shy nature, bushy brows and her dorky glasses. She had one friend Lily All until her grandma shows up and tells her shes the heir to the throne in a European country. The whole school gets wind of this and tries to become Mia’s friend with intentions to use her. Lesson is guys, don’t bully anyone because you don’t know who has royal relatives.

Toy Story 3 – Friendship is forever.

This film essentially is about the power of friendship. Andy is the owner of some of the greatest toys ever, and when he is preparing to leave for college he donates his toys to a local day care centre. The toys take on epic battles, but through every trial and tribulation they do it together. If you choose to watch this, be warned you will need tissues for the final few scenes.

Arthur – Money cant buy happiness

Your probably wondering what on earth a film which Russell Brand stars in can teach you. Well in actual fact Brand plays Arthur; an heir to a multi-million fortune on the condition he marries the beautiful girl whose dad owns a company. Arthur at the same time falls in love with an aspiring writer, he has to pick between his crazy fortune or love.

Catfish The Movie- Online safety is important!

Before becoming one of MTV’s greatest shows ever, Catfish was simply a video diary style documentry about host Nev’s own experience with online love. Nev fell in love with Megan, and well it all went horribly wrong when Nev and his film crew travelled to surprise Megan. It’s an eye-opener into the dangers of online dating.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of movies that have taught us valuable lessons in life. From Ogres to Catfishes, there is a lesson in every movie! Enjoy watching them.

If you have any other suggestions of movies that can teach us, then make sure you tweet us @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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