Lick and Lash Spice Pallet Review

Lick and Lash Beauty are an indie beauty brand based in the UK. They’ve created a reputation for their affordable and bold products being hidden gems in the beauty world. Today we have decided to try for ourselves the Lick and Lash Spice Pallet which currently retails for £21.95

The pallet contains 18 shades; a mix of warm red tones and some beautiful spiced browns, yellows, pinks, oranges, and maroons. The pans are extremely large, and the pallet contains a large mirror.

The formula is talc free and most importantly cruelty-free.

The colors are divided neatly, the main bold reds and pinks all in the top row, the more yellow and orange tones that are the perfect crease shades in the middle row, and then the darker berries and maroons in the bottom row. The overall color story screams out autumn. Each shadow is matte.

As pictured, we swatched each shade, pressing in once and with just one swipe, and it was evident that each shadow was power punched with pigment. The feeling was buttery smooth. The swatches were done on clean hands with no base or primer – with a base/ primer they’d punch even more.

We decided to test these shadows on our younger sister (she’d been dying for a makeover!) and we did apply a base coat to the eyelid of concealer.

The shadows blended and layered beautifully, they were creamy and so easy to work with. There was no blending the color away, it was literally like working with a pressed pigment rather than just an eyeshadow,

The only slight issue we found when using the pallet was there was a little fallout. This wasn’t the biggest amount of fall out we’d ever seen, and it is to be expected when working with such highly pigmented shades,

The shadows stayed put throughout the day, and unlike a lot of red based shadows, there was no staining on the eye. They did not bunch up or transfer onto the lower lid as time went on.

Overall, this pallet has the quality of a high-end pallet double or even triple the cost, but is purse friendly. We’re definitely keeping this in our every day essential makeup drawer!

You can shop the Lick and Lash pallet here,

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Written by Niki

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