Lets Get Vegan : The Best of Eyeshadow Pallets – Warm Tones.

Vegan is in. So many of us are making the choice to abstain from beauty products that have any form of animal sourced ingredients in them. We strongly believe that no animal should suffer as the price of beauty. We’ve been bringing you our picks of the best in vegan beauty and today we’re bringing you our favourite warm toned eye shadow pallets. From high end to high street, mattes and shimmers, we have it all covered for you.


Best of Drugstore.

I Heart Revolution – Chocolate Elixir Pallet £8.99 Revolution Beauty.

If your looking for a low cost, high pigmented, warm toned vegan pallet then this is the perfect pallet for you. We use this pallet for everything from a day to day light natural look up to a full glam prom look. The mix of mattes and shimmers make this a totally perfect travel pallet.

MUA- Burning Embers Pallet. £6 Superdrug

If your looking for a perfect summer into fall pallet then this is the one for you. The 25 shade pallet covers you with some firey orange shades and some beautiful berry tones, giving you plenty of options. Oh and its currently on sale for £6, what more could you need.

ELF Rose Gold Eye Shadow Pallet – Sunset – £10 ELF

ELF have a world wide reputation for their vegan products, low prices but professional quality. They have created this shadow pallet and it’s a warm toned heaven. We’re slightly obsessed with the copper colours in this pallet.

Barry M- Meteor Storm Pallet – £9.99 Boots.

Barry M are the brand who not only are cruelty free and majority vegan, but they also are campaigning for every brand to be bunny loving too. Aside from them making sure the world is a happier place for animals, they have also amazing pallets with insane pigmentation. We’re in love with the meteor storm.

High End 

LunatiCK Cosmetics – Elvira Mistress of the Dark – £23 BeautyBay

LunatiCK are a brand we can’t get enough of. We’ve done a full review of everything you can check out here.

This pallet is a great pallet to create a variety of looks, from a cute and simple natural look to a full dark smokey eye. The warm tones are met with a pop of a cool toned blue, so you can mix up any look.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Pallet- £43 Beauty Bay

Love him or hate him, no body can deny that Jeffree makes products that are in their own league. He has created this 18 shade pallet which is a warm toned heaven. This isnt for the faint of heart with the pure red shadows or bold af purples.

Viseart Warm Mattes- £69 Cult Beauty

This may be a big of a higher price point, but the insane quality from Viseart is worth it! The 12 pan shadows are all warm mattes, making this a must have for pretty much everyone. From transition shades, essential staples and a sunset trio, you can’t go wrong!

Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions – £25 Selfridges

Huda Beauty’s shimmer’s are some of the very best on this planet. The coppery gold in this pallet is one that could possibly be made with magical fairy dust because of the pigmentation. Be careful with Huda’s products however, as not all are vegan.


Let us know if you have any more vegan makeup essentials by tweeting us @Fuzzable; we’d love to hear from you. You can also check out the rest of our ‘Lets Get Vegan’ series here.


Written by Niki

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