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As Summer is still upon us we thought we should share with you the latest trends and hottest looks Boohoo have to offer, yes you guessed it – Leopard Print is a big favourite this season with so many of us working it by mixing it up to make some pretty out there and daring looks.

The bodysuit and cropped tied tops seem to be the most popular with added frills or flares to create some edginess and character to the style. But we say why not be daring and creative, it is the summer after all, if you can’t dress to impress in the sun then when can you?

We have chosen some of the most popular/cute tops which you could easily pair up with leather look skinny trousers, black skinny jeans. To get those legs sun kissed you could also try a leather or suede skirt.

Now as we know Leopard Print has always been known to be a certain kind of look where only the daring would ever think to go out in it, it was the typical ‘Kat Slater’ look, but nowadays it has all changed and I think the reason for this is because the style in clothing for Leopard has changed, there are a lot more variety pieces out there now which are very pretty and very much now! Some we have listed below to what we have found out on the highstreets and also online, also see the image in this blog for visual ideas.

  • Vest Tops
  • Bodysuits
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Skinny Trousers
  • Leggings
  • Strappy Crop Top
  • Jumpsuit
  • Wide Leg Trousers
  • Playsuit
  • Kimono
  • Maxi Dress

The list could go on and on…for all these pieces we recommend Boohoo

It is one of our favourite go to’s and we can assure you the variety they have, you will not be disappointed. So why not take a look and see for yourself, be the one that stands out from the crowd this summer, whether it is a festival with friends, an evening out for drinks or just a shopping trip, make people know you have arrived 🙂

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We really hope you enjoyed this article….there will be more on Style to follow.

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