Leptigen: Good or Bad?

If you’ve ever been interested in diet pills, you might have heard something about Leptigen. This is a drug which contains a patented mixture of clinically researched ingredients for safe and effective weight loss. However, this medicine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Naturally, this may be the reason not to trust Leptigen, but is it actually worth worrying? Does it work or not? Here’s what you need to know about this weight loss pill.

How Leptigen works

Leptigen contains ingredients that, as the manufacturer claims, are aimed at increasing your metabolism, which should help you get rid of extra pounds. Among them is the extract of a flower called sphaeranthus indicus and fruit extract of garcinia mangostana. The combination of these two components contributes to weight loss.

The drug also contains caffeine and green tea extract, as well as the mix of chromium and niacin which help control blood glucose and cholesterol level in the body.

Can this pill help you lose weight?

According to studies conducted in 2013, Leptigen can be an effective remedy for fighting obesity. In the framework of the study, experts selected 60 women suffering from obesity, dividing them into two groups. The first group was taking Leptigen, while the second one was taking placebo for eight weeks. At the end of the study, researchers observed a significant decrease in body weight and waist circumference in participants taking the drug, in contrast to those who took a placebo.

As for such ingredients of the pill, as caffeine and green tea extract, they both contributed to effective weight loss.

Is it safe?

Medicine that can guarantee the complete absence of side effects simply does not exist. Patients, who took Leptigen during the study, experienced mild side effects, including headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal irritation, back pains, as well as leg, ankle, and joint pains. But participants, who took a placebo, had similar symptoms.

However, the study was relatively small (only 30 people actually took the drug), and it lasted for only eight weeks. Therefore, there is no information on how this drug can affect people in the long term or after they stop taking the drug. As the results of observations indicate, in most cases, when people stop taking medications for weight loss, they tend to regain the weight they lost without making additional changes in diet and lifestyle.

People, who are sensitive to caffeine, should also be careful, as they can suffer from certain side effects, such as anxiety and heart palpitations as a result of taking this medication.

In conclusion

As you can see, Leptigen has its advantages and disadvantages. While being an effective weight loss pill, it may cause some discomforting side effects. No matter how long you are going to take Leptigen, it’s important to discuss this with your doctor before trying out any medication for weight loss. There is always a chance that the drug may be incompatible with other pills that were prescribed earlier, or the doctor will detect warning signs in your medical history that will become a contraindication to the use of Leptigen.

Also, keep in mind that drug studies have been conducted on obese people, so it is still unknown how this can affect you if you do not have excess weight, and your body mass index is normal.

The drug is also not cheap. The cost of a 60-day Leptigen stock is $358, which may seem a little high price for what may or may not work. But if you are interested in taking Leptigen anyway, be sure to visit your doctor first. They will give you the correct recommendations regarding taking the drug.

Written by MonLex

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