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Laila Loves teams up with Lottie London to release two eyeshadow palettes

Beauty influencer Laila Loves has joined forced with Lottie London to release two stunning eyeshadow palettes.

Bringing holiday vibes to your makeup collection, the Miami and Ibiza palettes feature nine neon shades from super sparkling shimmers and glitters, to rich and creamy mattes. Each pigment is buttery soft, allowing you to create jaw dropping looks with ease.

The Ibiza palette includes bold yellows, pinks and oranges, whilst the Miami palette features tropical lime colours and iridescent purples. Each palette retails at £5.95 and are cruelty free – win win!

These eyeshadow palettes are bound to make your eyes pop and with such bright colours, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your next makeup look. If you need a little inspo on how to style out a colourful eyeshadow, check out Laila using her very own Ibiza palette below.

The #LottiexLailaLoves palettes are available now from the Lottie London website.

Which is your favourite palette? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

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