LA Girl’s Pro Matte Foundation is Finally Here.

If you are a fan of the beauty world, you will of heard about the LA Girl pro conceal. Every beauty YouTuber and Insta glam icon swears by the tube of magic. It’s known for having insane coverage, brightening effects, blend-ability like you wouldn’t believe and as a result of it, it’s so many’s holy grail product. From SophDoesNails, DramaticMac to Tati and Alexis Jayda, everyone has been besotted with the product. Now adding to the ultimate base family from LA Girl comes the Pro Matte Foundation.

This foundation could be the answer to all of our prayers. LA Girl is a brand known for bringing the highest quality products at the lowest costs. Claiming to be full coverage, build-able, long lasting and light weight on the skin- the Pro Matte foundation comes in 14 shades with fairer and deeper skin tones catered for (unlike a few high end brands who’ve released foundations recently).

The formula of the foundation is in fact paraben free, so it will hydrate your skin with it’s added vitamin E, B5  and even sunflower oil meaning poles, fine lines and pretty much any uneven surface of your skin will be hidden giving your skin a HD look in real life! It’s also great to note that LA Girl are recognised as a 100% cruelty free company, PETA has approved them.

The product has already been receiving rave reviews from YouTubers ShanXO, Casey Holmes and Kathleen Lights all shocked with the power of the foundation. Every YouTube mega star who has trialled it has found it’s perfect for their skin whatever the skin type; oily dry and combination skins are all working wonders with the product.


For a foundation with this many amazing qualities, you’d be expecting an extremely high price point, however with the magic of LA girl, Pro Matte is only £10. We are speechless. If you are in the U.K you can pick up the LA Girl Pro Matte foundation as well as all the other essentials from LA Girl from Beauty Bay, and internationally you can purchase from LA Girl’s website now.

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Written by Niki

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