Lacey London’s Clara Series

Recently we have been very busy reading, we managed to come across a gem of a story written by Author Lacey London who has bought out a series of books which is even more thrilling for readers who like us get hooked on a story and never want it to end. The book we have been excited about is part of Lacey London’s Clara series. Now we have been familiar with Lacey for a while now so to know there is a series that follows on and on is perfect. The title is called ‘Clara in the Caribbean’

The story starts off with her best friends relationship issues or lack of them, as she has had such terrible luck with men. But once again Lianna Clara’s best friend has met someone new, far away in the Caribbean Islands.

Clara again is sure this is another heartbreak her friend is going to face but as she and her friends and family follow Lianna to the Caribbean for a holiday and to meet this ‘stranger’ not all is as it seems and what Clara is not expecting is to actually really like him.

There is a lot of unsure feelings at the start of their holiday in which Clara almost takes the place of Lianna’s mother, the questions she asks the ‘stranger’ and the grilling she gives him.
As their holiday is nearing the end there are more surprises to be met with and even though it is all happening so very quickly, it is everything Clara has ever wanted for her best friend. She can truly see what all the fuss has been about and as much as Clara wants to hold onto her friend and not let her go, she realizes that things change, not always for the worst but in a way it was meant to be.

There are lots of ups and downs, tears and laughter, but we have loved the ride and pure excitement in which this book brings, the way in which all Clara and their friends want is for their best friend to be happy and no matter what that means, they are happy for her. We hope you will feel as if they are your friends too and enjoy it just as much as we have.

We give this book out of 10 a score of 10, as we felt it didn’t lack anything or keep you hanging on, it was full of information about their story and their feelings, it almost pulled you into their lives so you felt like you were watching it from a close distance rather than reading from afar!

Check out Lacey London’s website to find out more about her and her books here. Also, find her kindle books on Amazon.

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