Kylie Lip Blush Kits

Kylie Cosmetics Launches New Lip Blush Kits

Ending July of 2020 with a launch seems like the Kylie way to go, as not only are the Kylie Cosmetics planning to launch a new Kylie Skin collection soon but have already brought us some new Lip Blush Kits this month.

Bundled as the Nude Lip Blush Bundle, the package entails four nude themed lip blush kits. Almost like it was planned with the idea that during these pandemic times, it would be hard to bust out those bright red lippies or neon pinks. While we aren’t against that (you do you boo!), it’d be safe to assume that most of us would like a lipstick that gets us out of bed yet doesn’t stand out much and goes hand in hand with the general demure mood of our households.

The Lip Blush Kits come to our aid with a formula claiming, “the perfect sheer wash of matte color”, as quoted from Kylie Cosmetics on Twitter.

The Lip Blush formula is not new though, we were introduced to it in 2019 with a brighter collection, that is unfortunately sold out right now. But from users of the products, we can easily conclude that it is an everyday comfortable and creamy texture that gives a natural tint to the lips and diffuses into a soft powder-like matte finish. The non-drying formula is what made it a hit with the users, which means no settling into the lip lines, another one of the company claims for the products. What’s different this time around is that it’s not just the Lip Blushes. There is a lip liner and a lip blush that complement each other.

The four new Lip Blush Kits priced at 26 USD, are available in the following shades:

Au Naturel

A “warm rose” color which seems like a warm-toned nude-y pink that can be buildable if desired, this shade seems to be going for the my-lips-but-better feel.

Au Naturel | Lip Blush Kit

Heaven Sent

Described as a “muted pink coral”, this shade seems to have the slightest brighter hints of color than the previous, one for the lighter, more relaxed days such as these weekends in we’re spending.

Heaven Sent | Lip Blush Kit

Do You Boo

An almost mauve-like “mid-toned warm nude”, which sounds perfect for those Zoom meetings and presentations.

Do You Boo | Lip Blush Kit

Nude Attitude

Or otherwise “Mid-tone rosy taupe”, is one of the deeper shades in the collection, once again balancing the warm and cool tones and being the perfect appealing shade for a lot of us.

Nude Attitude | Lip Blush Kit

These new shades are available to buy individually and collectively as a bundle, the Nude Lip Blush bundle priced at 104$ USD. It includes four lip-liners and lip blushes of the above-mentioned shades.

Nude Lip Blush Bundle

These were out on 31st July, 9 PM PST. Let us know if you are planning to or have already grabbed these new magical sheer matte Lip Blush Kits! Tweet us @Fuzzable.

Written by Mythili Devarakonda

21, writer, reader, music enthusiast, and more.


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