Karlie Kloss is named as an ambassador for Lipton’s Iced Tea

Karlie Kloss has been announced as the new European ambassador for Lipton’s Iced Tea and helped launch the brand’s Matcha Green Tea flavour in Lisbon.

When asked about her new role Karlie commented ‘I had an incredible time slipping into my new role last week in Lisbon as @LiptonIceTea Green’s European Ambassador. Can’t wait to go back! #RestoreYourself’.

We love this announcement for two reasons.

  1. We love Lipton’s Iced Tea… especially the lemon one. We can drink gallons of the stuff here at Fuzz (or more accurately the writer of this article can.) In all seriousness, we love their Iced Tea so the announcement of a Matcha Green Tea flavour has us seriously excited to try it!
  2. Karlie Kloss, where to start? It’s Karlie Kloss. Anything Karlie endorses by default is worth checking out. So these two things combined make this announcement our favourite thing this month!

We’d love to know if you are as excited as us by this announcement and what your favourite Lipton’s Iced Tea flavour is, in the comments below or over @Fuzzable!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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