Justify Beauty – The Who What and Why!

In the world of beauty brands, it’s become increasingly hard for us to pick out the very best products for the best prices. When it comes to day to day essentials like false lashes and brushes, you can be lost for hours working out which you need to take your makeup to the next level. Whilst scrolling through Instagram, we’ve found our one-stop beauty essential shop – Justify Beauty who have every essential we could need. So naturally, we had to bring you the scoop and show you exactly what we’re adding on our wish list!

On Justify’ website, they say;

Let Justify Beauty be your go-to destination for unique and revolutionary beauty products at affordable prices. Our prices are competitive without compromising on quality; we strongly believe that there is no need to splurge on beauty accessories.

All our products are top of the range and of course, cruelty free! If you love all things beauty, indulge in our stunning range of products from make-up brushes and cosmetic bags, to brush cleaners and even electric blackhead removers!

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or just feel like treating yourself, our products make the perfect gift. 

Justify Beauty are continually introducing new products, influenced by the latest beauty trends and what our customers want and love.

These are all statements we couldn’t agree more on. And we’re in love with the fact everything is cruelty-free (no animals harmed makes Fuzzable VERY happy)


Our picks.

Marble Brush Set With Case £19.99 

Are these brushes not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? For less than £20 you get 10 duo fiber brushes (5 for face, 5 for eyes) and in a stunning case. The synthetic bristles make cleaning easier.


3D Luxury Faux Mink Lashes – Set of 3 £12.00

3 pairs of high quality, stunning lashes all that can be used up to 20 times each. There’s a pair that’s dramatic, one that’s glam and one which adds natural volume.these are perfect for anyone who is looking to find a lash style that suits them best or anyone who requires a lash for all occasions. And if our maths is correct, it works out at 20p per use. Bargain.


Electric Brush Cleaner and Drier (in Pink) £22.99


The top item on our Christmas list this year has been a brush cleaner. This device takes the hard work out of your cleaning routine and does each brush in seconds. If brush washing is the bane of your life (like us) then you can’t afford to not treat yourself to this handy tool. We’re also in love with the baby pink and rose gold coloring.


Large Tear Drop Sponge. £4.99

We don’t need to say much about these sponges or why we need one because who doesn’t need a new beauty sponge. Although we’re loving the colors and the cute storage case!


Lazy Cosmetic Bag – £6.99

Uh, where has this contraption been all of our lives? It’s literally a bag which will store a ton of makeup, that pulls open to being almost like a tray. No more need to struggle with finding an item at a time, and you literally just pull the pull string at the end to close it and restore your makeup bag to its former glory. Plus the bag looks so chic. If you have a works Christmas party, this will be a life saver!


We are obsessing over everything at Justify Beauty, make sure you check them out here! They are always adding new items.

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Written by Niki

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