Jessie Paege Launches Tarte Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette for Pride Month

Jessie Paege has released a new palette just in the nick of time. Are you hitting up beauty stores and hunting online for new vibrant makeup to celebrate pride month and glam up for parade-day this year? Or just in general, if you love pampering yourself with the new colorful makeup to enhance your looks and get a bomb look, then your search comes to an end right here.

Image by Tarte

20-year-old YouTube star Jessie Paege, who came out as bisexual last year in summer in an emotional two-part video to her 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, has teamed up with popular beauty giant Tarte Cosmetics and has launched a cute colorful eyeshadow palette in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month that kicks off next month, June. This palette is a must-have for the fans of colorful rainbows shades, and advocates of self-love, confidence, positivity, and inclusivity.

Jessie Paege x Tarte Let It Rain-Bow eye shadow palette is full of pride and features eight vibrant colors – 6 ultra-pigmented matte shades and 2 glimmering pearlescent shades with empowering names such as ‘Ambitious’, ‘Go For It’ and ‘You Can’ that oozes power and strength. This $24 makeup palette also gives you a BONUS deluxe size lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 travel size mascara. The pride palette is now available for sale at and In honor of the collaboration, Tarte will make a $25,000 donation, regardless of sales of the palettes, to The Trevor Project — a national organization supporting people in LGBTQ+ community under the age of 25 with crisis and suicide prevention. 

Image: Jessie Paege x Tarte Let It Rain-Bow Eye Shadow Palette

Jessie is an absolute make up lover and a massive supporter of the LGBTQ+ community so this match is made in heaven! She advocates self-love and confidence and has dedicated her platform to promotes love and acceptance within all communities, especially the LGBTQ+ community by tweeting often about her own sexuality and sharing supportive messages online. When she first came out as bisexual, all of the ad revenues from that video went directly to The Trevor Project. It was a public announcement that made Jessie nervous for months but ultimately it made a heartfelt impact.

This video became her highest viewed clip on YouTube that garnered over 1.3 million views. The comments section was flooded with thousands of positive responses from her viewers and fans appreciating her for speaking out, who related with her story. This overwhelming support from her fans motivated Jessie so much that she released more LGBTQ+ content on her YouTube channel in the following months, such as a video- “Coming Out To My Mom”.

Image: Jessie Paege showing off Tarte Palette
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As Jessie talks about the collaboration, “There have been so many times in my life where I didn’t feel included, which is why my goal has always been for every person to feel loved & comfortable with their identities, including myself.” She continues, “Tarte’s a brand that I’ve always been able to relate to and I’m so excited to work with them to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with this palette that shows this makeup is for everyone, no exceptions,” she continued, adding, “And we’re able to do that in a way that gives back to the community through The Trevor Project!”

Buy this palette here.

We are loving absolutely this gorgeous vibrant palette and the spirit of self-love behind this collaboration is purely contagious and filled with strong positive vibes. What do you think? Tweet us your thoughts at @Fuzzable


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