We Celebrate Jeffree Star Hitting 10 Million Subscribers

In the world of beauty YouTubers, there is one star who shines brighter and bolder than any other. Mr. Jeffree Star. He has brought a whole host of fun and color into a world which can seem very monotonous at times. Last week saw the cosmetics mogul and beauty guru hit YouTube’s diamond status, so we feel the need to commemorate this occasion with 10 reasons we adore Mr. Jeffree Star.


Prom Queen

Before he was YouTube’s biggest beauty star, Jeffree was known best for being a pop star. He was signed by none other then R’n’B powerhouse Akon, and created bubblegum pop music. Prom Night with J.Star looks like a blast.

Double Denim.


To promote the launch of Jeffree Star Cosmetic’s launching the ‘Family Collection’ Jeffree teams up with boyfriend Nathan in the most iconic all blue looks since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ double denim date.

Spilling the whole tea, and nothing but the tea

One of the reasons Jeffree is so adored is because he truly doesn’t hold back. A lot of beauty guru’s are afraid to say directly if a product isn’t worth the time and hype, but Jeffree doesn’t hold back from speaking the truth, even if he gets removed off of PR lists.

Facial Filters.

If you follow Jeffree on either Snapchat or Instagram, you’ll know that a day can’t start without J.Stars morning wisdom. One of the highlights of our day is guessing which portrait tattoo of his the face filter will show up on today.

His appreciation of other artists.

One of Jeffree’s biggest passions in life is the art of beauty. He’s always taking inspiration off other artists and loves to showcase others talents as much as his own. Plus, we adore James Charles.

Meme Legend.

If you can’t beat them, join them! Jeffree know’s the internet love using him as a meme, so instead of being upset he embraces it and uses himself as his favorite meme.

Get Ready in a car worth more than our lives.

If you get one of the most expensive cars around, what better way for you to show your friends your new baby then doing your makeup in it. We just hope he remembered to bring cleaning wipes for any powder that may drop.

Charitable Donations.

He may be boujee, but Jeffree also cares a lot about others and making others lives better. For pride month, Jeffree created a pride themed liquid lip bundle and profits went directly to the LA LGBTQ+ Center. He regularly donates to many charities and any makeup he won’t be able to use he gives to women’s refuges.

Family First

Jeffree and Nathan are the CUTEST parents to their beautiful pups. The love Jeffree has for his man and their fur babies is priceless. Plus those doggies are treated better than most humans.


He’s fabulous.

To round up this summary there is no one else on this planet like Mr. Jeffree Star. From indulging in the most luxurious things in life, to creating a world where artistic expression is a way of life. We adore everything about him, congratulations on 10 Million!


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Written by Niki

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