Jane Austin’s House Museum

Even she only wrote seven novels in total, such as Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, she became “the mother of the modern novel.”
Certainly Literature the way we know it today, would not be what it is, if she wouldn’t had wrote said seven novels.

Ms Jane Austen. (December 16th 1775 – July 18th 1817)
She died way too young in the age of only 41, but became a role model to so many passionate writers all over the world.

Fuzzable is happy to announce that the upcoming year will be a very special one, for Jane Austen lovers and some which might just discovered her work.

In 2019 a very exciting celebration will take place.
The 70th anniversary of the opening of the Jane Austin’s House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire which was opened on the 23rd of July 1949.

The only house which is open to the public, to show where Jane Austen lived and wrote her masterpieces back in the day.

As it is the 70th anniversary of the museum, some special treats will come along the first 70 visitors on the 23rd

of July 2019.
They will be able to purchase admission at the original 1949 ticket price of 1/6d – equivalent to £2.34 today.
There will also be a wider programme of displays and events dedicated to the life of the Museum throughout the year. Highlights including an Austen music workshop, guided walks, a new series of Director’s Talk and Tours and a special birthday celebration, which is going to take place a few days later on Saturday, the 27th of July 2019.

The ambassador for these very special celebrations is going to be the TV presenter and comedian David Baddiel.

The museum already had over a million visitor and there are for sure more to come. 70 years and onwards, for all the lovers of literature, Jane Austen will have a place in your heart at some point in time.
To see where her work made the way from her mind to paper and into all of our lives will be an exciting experience, if you make it to be one of the first 70 visitors on celebration day, or if you decide to make this very special trip back in time a bit later.

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Written by Vanessa

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