Jagdeep Sibia’s Take On: How Does What You Eat Affect Your Oral Health?

Looking for good teeth and great oral health? Well, it might be easier than what you think to gain the same. All you need to do is eat right, rinse your mouth well after every meal and yes, brush twice a day. Though the latter parts might seems obvious we are sure that you might be wondering about the eating right part.

It is well known that sugar does cause teeth damage and leads to the creation of a cavity. But, do you know of any other potentially damaging food that you have been consuming all this while and how it has been silently causing damage? Today, in this particular Jagdeep Sibia Blog for awareness creation about healthy teeth and good oral health, we will be discussing how what one eats affects their oral health. Especially in the case of small children, we will also be sharing some dental care tips for infants and toddlers.

What you need to know:

1) Eating a variety of food and a balanced diet as that ensures that your body gets enough nutrients and at the same time also exposes the teeth to a good amount of chewing activity. It is suggested to avoid fad diets that lead to the omission of an entire range of dietary products which leads to nutritional and vitamin deficiency.

2) Saliva is known to protect both, the hard and the soft tissues and hence the mouth must always be kept moist with ample drinking of water. For people who have a dry mouth, they can make use of sugarless gum in order to stimulate the creation of some saliva.

3) You are to avoid the type of food that tends to stick into the mouth post-consumption. This leads to the creation of a cavity in the mouth as this type of food leads to decay. It is suggested to avoid soft, sticky, and extra sweet food which includes favorite delicacies like chocolates, cakes, candies, etc. It is a misconception that only sugary substances cause decay.

Anything that stays in the mouth for a long time can cause problems.

4) Planning your meals is suggested. If you have a habit of randomly eating in between meals and having a large number of snacks then this leads to the creation of a bacterial environment in the mouth. And, surely even if one is suggested to rinse thoroughly or maybe even lightly brush after every meal, it is not quite feasible. Controlling your taste buds will definitely help you in this matter.

5) Let’s say that you plan on the following dentistry as a profession, it will be your personal habits that will inspire that of those around you. There are certain things to know before becoming a dentist and that involves having a good dental routine and the oral regime of your own.

You can discuss the same in depth with your dentist and add in some precautionary methods feasible for you. They say that you are what you eat, and so are your teeth!

Written by Jagdeep Sibia

Jagdeep Sibia, DMD, is a general dentist associated with West Hartford Family Dentistry who also has a vast knowledge and hands-on experience of Invisalign and cosmetic dental services. She strives to create awareness about oral healthcare and the importance of teeth health in overall well-being among the underprivileged group of society.

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