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Jacqueline Wilson is bringing Tracy Beaker back in a new book

Growing up, Jacqueline Wilson’s books were a staple part of our lives. Over the years, we got to know various of her fictional characters but one of the most prominent was the unforgettable Tracy Beaker.

First introduced in 1991, Tracy Beaker came to life in The Story of Tracy Beaker which was later adapted into a TV show, with actress Dani Harmer playing the lead role. Since then, there have been three book sequels (The Dare Game, Starring Tracy Beaker and Tracy Beaker’s Thumping Heart – a Red Nose Day Specialin addition to two more spin off TV shows.

However, it’s been a good few years since we last heard from Tracy Beaker. What on earth has she been up to? Well, we’re about to find out as a brand new book about our favourite rebel will be released in October.

That’s right, Jacqueline Wilson has announced that My Mum Tracy Beaker will be released on October 4 and this time, Tracy is a mum with a feisty young daughter of her own. The book will see Tracy raising her daughter Jess as a single mother who is in and out of work, living in a housing association flat.

Speaking to the Observer about how the idea came about, Jacqueline said: “When I realised just how long ago it was since I wrote the first Tracy Beaker book, I thought: if we were in real time, Tracy herself would be in her 30s. And I’ve always thought that, even though Tracy had lots of problems in her life and a pretty rubbish mum who was never there for her, Tracy herself would be a good mum, no matter what.”

The book will be narrated from the perspective of Jess and will be aimed at both 7-11 years olds and the teenagers and adults who enjoyed Tracy’s journey as children. However, will our favourite childhood heroine get a happy ending?

Jacqueline told the Observer: “I don’t want an ‘absolutely everything is quite wonderful’ ending – after all, at the start of the first book Tracy herself says life isn’t a fairy story where everyone lives happily ever after. I’m dealing with adults leading adult lives, and I want to be truthful to all that. But she is my lucky character … and I have a soft spot for her too. She’s going to get her happy ending.”

My Mum Tracy Beaker will be Jacqueline’s 108th book and we couldn’t be more excited to lose ourselves in Tracy’s world once more.

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