IWD Book Review: ‘ROAR’ by Cecelia Ahern

You might remember the Top 5 books of 2018 for our Fuzzmas count down, in which we quickly touched the theme of this book before.

However, as we have the chance to celebrate this special day in various different forms, let’s also take a closer look at this book, which got me, you, us… Every single woman as the theme of the storyline.

ROAR was written by Cecelia Ahern. When you think of any book you read by her, you will know fantasy would be touched for it, which is very visual and special at the same time. Once you know what Roar is about, you’ll drop every book you’re reading and start to simply blitz this one.

As it is a very special setting, just a quick personal note: I will break it down to what the book embodies for me. I identify myself as a feminist. Not in a harsh way or however you want to call it, but if there is some kind of discrimination going on and I notice it? I am the one who starts to defend us girls/women.

With this knowledge, you might understand immediately, why this book sings to my soul.

We experience 30 stories of 30 women. These women do not have names, so we could be each one of them. We actually ARE every single one of these 30 women. Each one of us will get to one of these situations. We experience them right now or we just been through one.

With each story, we face prejudice and discrimination that only women experience. The feeling of not fitting in, the moments we have a tantrum because men will not listen to us, unnecessary situations, in which we got pointed at for being women. Moments we will be judged by men about situations they, not to sound mean, will not ever have a clue about. They are women’s business and we deal with them, because we have to, not because it is a choice we made.

We are not LESS, because we are women. We are so much MORE!

We want equality; we want to be cherished and loved and be special. But we don’t want to be put on a podium, where we’ll be forgotten as soon as we “blend in.”

We don’t want to be stressed over everything so much, that we forget our own name. We want to be who we are the way we want and be able to show it with our knowledge and skills without being judged.

ROAR is a masterpiece in with you will find understanding, encouragement, and the chance to relax about all the big and little things, which make it fun, annoying, stressful, confusing and so special and unique to be a woman.

Whenever you need to do so: Be honest, proud, stand up for yourself and please never be afraid to ROAR!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
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