Is She/he Cheating? – 5 Signs that Show Your Partner is Cheating on You

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in this world. It is a time where all you think about are the good things about your new boyfriend or girlfriend. If love truly exists between the two of you, then you will do anything to ensure that your partner is happy at all times. But what if along the way things start taking a turn when you start suspecting that they are cheating? Truth be told, it is heartbreaking, but before jumping into conclusion, you can research more on how to catch a cheater with 10 cell phone spy app tricks just to be sure. That said, here are 5 ways that you can know your partner is cheating on you; 

They start becoming unavailable

One of the first signs that you that can tell that your significant other is cheating is when they start becoming unavailable. If you find out that you no longer get to spend time together like before, then you need to do your research. This is so especially if there have been no necessary changes in his way of life such as a new job, school or anything of the sort. The moment they start giving lame excuses of not being able to meet up with you, then that might be your first red flag.

He never pays attention to you

It feels good to be showered with good compliments from your partner and most often than not, lovebirds will always do so. If your partner is a kind of person who never fails to notice any changes that you have made but suddenly seems not to notice them, watch out. The reason might be that his attention has shifted to another person who is now his point of focus.

They never want you to touch their phone

Almost everyone today owns a mobile phone, and it is one of the most used means of communication. If your partner was never worried when you took their phone, but suddenly they seem unsettled the minute you hold their phone nowadays- it might just be a warning sign for you that they are cheating. If you find out they often delete their text messages, browsing history or even hide when receiving some calls, do not ignore it.

Sudden changes in your sex life

Have you noticed some changes in your sex life? Perhaps less intimacy? Less emotional connection? If yes, then these are not good signs. Also, if you have recently contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and are you have been faithful, your partner might be cheating on you.

They suddenly become hostile

If your partner seems to be irritated by almost everything that you are doing lately or becoming angry at you for no good reason, then there is a need to dig deeper into it. This might be a way of them portraying their insecurities to you, or they are trying to cover up something.

Final Thoughts

While the signs mentioned above may indicate that your partner is cheating, sometimes they might be an indication of a tough phase that your partner is going through. Do not be in a rush to confront them without having enough evidence as it may end up ruining the relationship.

Written by Monella

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