Invited to a Housewarming and Unsure of What to Bring – Check Out These Quick and Easy Gift Ideas

Do you have a friend who has recently bought their very first home and is hosting a housewarming party to show off their new digs? Buying a new house is a huge deal in anyone’s life, and showing up empty-handed to the party just isn’t in good taste. So, as you scramble around and try to think of the perfect housewarming gift, you may want to refer to this handy guide of ideas. Each one is sure to bring a smile to the new homeowner’s face and is a great way to show your congratulations on their brand new purchase.

Appeal to their Hobbies with a Customized Gift Basket

If the new homeowner is a close friend or relative, then there is a good chance you know quite a bit about them, which means you probably are aware of their hobbies and likes. This is a perfect opportunity to put together something special and customized that they will really like. Building your own gift basket is always a great route to take, and you can base all the items on one central theme.

Let’s say, for example, they are into reading, you can then use that as the theme. You can add things like the Frostbeard Studio Book Lover’s Soy Candles, which are wholesale candles inspired by all the greats in literature. These lovely scents can fill the many rooms in their new home and create that comfortable atmosphere. Other items you can add include things like a cozy throw for their sofa, some herbal teas, a few bestsellers, bookmarks, and even a pair of fuzzy warm socks.

Help Them Fill Their Home with Memories and Pick Up a Photo Frame

One of the things a new home often lacks at the very start is those personal touches and décor. So, why not get the homeowner started and pick them up a lovely photo frame. You can even have a photo made and put into the frame if you’ve got a picture that is special and holds a memory for the two of you.

Another option is the popular photo collage style photo frames that will allow the homeowner to display a number of photos and really create a focal point in the room.

A Special Touch for Their Garden

People are often quick to think about gift ideas that can be used in the home, but if the house also has an outdoor space and yard, then you can open up a whole other list of ideas. Picking them up an item that acts as garden or landscaping décor will help to customize the look of the home, create that welcoming vibe, and add some interest.

Go Ahead and Get Creative

When it comes to the perfect housewarming gift, there is no right or wrong items. Instead it’s about being creative, and thinking about what could be useful as a new homeowner, and what can help to make the house feel more welcoming and personal.

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