Introducing… Sons – clinically proven hair loss treatments for men!

Reality TV star and 2020 Strictly Come Dancing contest Jamie Laing is on a mission to tackle the stigmas and harmful taboos surrounding male hair loss.

Having previously spoken openly and honestly of his own personal hair loss journey, Jamie is once again using his platform for good by teaming up and investing in Sons – an online subscription service offering affordable, effective and completely comprehensible treatment plans for men who finding themselves losing their hair. 

“Like most men I have had the worries and stresses of losing your hair.” Jamie says. “I’ve always been fascinated with a solution. Having found Sons, seen the way they work as a business and realised how amazing their products are, I knew not only that I wanted to use Sons but also become part of the business.”

Sons: It’s important to talk!

As of this year, it is estimated that over 6.5 million men in the UK are struggling to deal with the detrimental mental effects of coping with hair loss – with many finding themselves confused, overwhelmed and put off by the huge amount of contradicting information available on the subject. Add to that the high financial cost of potential treatments, and it’s understandable to learn that the majority of men living with these feelings and anxieties, struggle to discuss their fears with family, friends or loved ones, choosing instead to suffer in silence.

Sons aim to break down those barriers, and ultimately shatter the myths surrounding hair loss, by creating an open safe space for all men to talk freely about their feelings, frustrations and concerns regarding their loss of hair.

To start things off, the company offer a free an online consultation with a trained physician, where potential customers will be asked a series of questions regarding their personal circumstances and type of hair shedding. From there a detailed and tailored plan of suitable treatments is created and delivered direct to your door, in muted packaging to avoid any further stress or potential embarrassment.

Sons Presents: Jamie Lang and Chef in conversation

The Sons message is clear – whether it’s the first signs, the later stages or maintaining growth post-transplant, we have found the solution for you!

Introducing… Sons

Founded by best friends Will Kennedy and Dr Adrian Gilbane in 2018, Sons is a British based online subscription service specialising in mens hair loss.

Having both experienced hair loss, and the emotional toll that can take on a persons mental health, the two best mates decided something need to change, so combining their joint expertise, Dr Adrian’s in healthcare and clinical research and Will’s in business, as the business manager for a large Irish brand, the duo got to work – teaming up with the best physicians, pharmacists, and scientists to bring to life their shared vision of creating an easy to understand, jargon free, yet affordable hair loss treatment.

Headed up by Medical Director, Knut Moe, who has experience in hair loss working in leading hair restoration clinic HRBR, Sons have sourced, licensed and brought to market a combination of products that is proven to deliver the most effective results for male pattern hair loss – proven to deliver results in 94.1% of men.

For more information on Sons, visit their official website here.

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