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Introducing the Breakup Recovery Kit: The App Inspired by ‘Nashville’ TV Show

Breakups…they are the worst. You try to forget about that other person, but every time you log in to social media, all you see is people in relationships posting photos together, which only brings back memories. Then, a thought comes to mind, how are you supposed to navigate through your breakup online? Will people be able to tell you’re no longer in a relationship just from your photos? You can’t let that happen. You have to convince everyone that you’re doing just fine, especially your ex, who is most likely “following” your every move right now, waiting to see how you’re doing without them.

What if we told you there’s a way to fool your ex (and everyone else) into thinking you’ve never been happier?

With the Breakup Recovery Kit, you can turn that breakup into your glow up.

What is the Breakup Recovery Kit?

The Breakup Recovery Kit is a web app inspired by the hit television show Nashville. By sharing some information about your breakup, the app will generate four weeks of social content for you to share online.

As you can see below, the app will give you specific ideas and posts that will have all your followers in awe. Since the content is curated to your preferences on how recent the breakup is and how jealous you want to make your ex, it will make your posts even more convincing, leaving your ex feeling sorry they let you go.

How does Nashville tie into the app?

Nashville may be about stardom, but it still shows people in relatable situations, including heartbreak. In the most recent season, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) go through a personal and professional split. Since they are in the spotlight, their every move is being watched by fans and the media, making their breakup all the more difficult.

CMT, the home network of Nashville, was inspired by the events happening in the show and decided to create the Breakup Recovery Kit for any fans experiencing breakups themselves.

We created the Breakup Recovery Kit to help folks get back on their feet while showing the world that they’re honestly doing pretty great.

Visit to start your glow up now. We guarantee once you start posting, your ex will react like this:

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Written by Michele

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