Interview: Chloe Lloyd discusses Chloe Lloyd x Pretty Lavish Chapter 4

Model and Influencer Chloe Lloyd has teamed up with Pretty Lavish for her fourth collection and it is her best one to date. The influencer, today, has released her new collection with the brand and we are obsessed with it!

Over the last few months, Chloe has teased her followers on Instagram and has shared sneak peaks of the items, but now the wait is finally over.

If your looking for inspiration for your Autumn wardrobe then look no further than this timeless range. Whether you are looking for cosy knits or cute dresses, this collection has it all! It is extremely affordable and is priced from £45-£85

We caught up with Chloe to discuss the latest collaboration with Pretty Lavish to find out all the details behind the gorgeous Autumnal collection .

Tell us about your inspirations for this collection?

I find inspiration everywhere and I am always collaging images, or on Pinterest. I’m usually looking at photos from the 60s or 70s as I adore that era, especially looking at all the past ‘it’ girls like Brigitte Bardot, I’ve actually named a piece after her in this collection. French women in general dress so effortlessly and chic and they were a massive inspiration for the collection – so much so I had to shoot it in Paris.

Brigitte Knit

Can you tell us about the design process?

I get together a lot of inspiration and create Pinterest boards to show the team my general ideas and vibes for the collection. Whether it’s materials or silhouettes or colour palette. I also sketch out some pieces or even write out to describe what I love and then the design team take it all and bring it to life with their own (logistically correct) sketches. I then go back and make changes and tell the, what I love. The next part is trying on the samples and making changes or ditching some pieces, I go to the office to try them on or sometimes they send them to my house and we do a zoom, try on and I give my opinions. This goes back and fourth for a while as the samples get better then when everything is finished I get to plan the shoot. I am styling and creative directing the whole thing! I am very hands on in the process and love that Pretty Lavish trust me to be so. The whole process takes just under a year – I love doing it and love the ethos the brand has.

How did you make sure each item was perfect?

I try them on myself multiple times though the process and make sure I would wear all of the pieces and they fit perfectly.

What is your favourite piece?

That is tough as I love them all – I’d maybe have to go with the knitted jumpsuit because i’ve wanted to do a jumpsuit for a while. They fit like a glove and are so flattering and comfortable on the body. I’m so excited to wear it.

Daisy Wide Leg Knit Jumpsuit

What is the best thing about working with Pretty Lavish?

That they trust me to be creative and execute my ideas. They’re also just so lovely and an all women team. I love seeing them rise as a brand and it’s so fun to be a part of it.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry?

I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty since I was a kid so it’s always been second nature to follow the latest trends. I also love asking my audience on Instagram what they’re loving lately and gage their reactions. I try to think of my followers and what they’d love to wear. I want the pieces to be wearable but also stand out so they get compliments from the people they’re around. I also keep an eye on Instagram and what direction the influencers are going in as they truly influence consumers style.

Who is your style icon and why?

I don’t have a particular style icon but like I said I love looking back in time at the ‘it’ girls of the past whether it’s the supermodels of the 90s or Hollywood movie stars. I love timeless dressing.

You can shop the Chloe Lloyd x Pretty Lavish collection here.

We would love to know your favourite items from the range? Let us know over on Twitter!

Written by Liv Malone

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