Instagram is Helping us Love Ourselves.

One thing we’ve noticed on Instagram is the body positivity effect. Awards and more awards show beautiful women of every colour, every size, every height and every beauty we have on the planet.We see a lot of women posting pictures of their body, their cellulite, their stretch marks, surgery marks, etc … This “B” side of social media is increasingly appearing and very cool for these women to show that there are several types of models, no matter what the media say they post what they feel good about.

Instagram is providing a platform for women of all shapes and sizes to provide their own visual commentary on what’s hot and what’s attractive. While it can not be denied that much of what we see is highly edited – like photo-shop. freedom to upload self-portraits and untouched and unreconstructed portraits is proving to be a powerful and empowering platform for a new wave of ‘alternative’ models.

The style, body, personality or anything else, we are able to look at different people. The sense of self-esteem and confidence exuding in your profile is something that I hope everyone can absorb a little. We like it when other people are getting up and saying, yes, we like ours body, it makes it more acceptable to follow the same path.

We like it when girls are starting to become more aware of their own self-hating tendencies and Instagram nannies are helping subconsciously to encourage self-love. Highlighting how bad we are to ourselves is far more helpful than reading endless comments about other people. By embracing a variety of bodies and praising the beauty in all of them, it becomes easier to recognize qualities you like in yourself.
We get rid of the labels, after all, no one is perfect. Being strong, lean, high or low is not a fault, on the contrary, our body is beautiful and the defect is in the way others see. So let’s get rid of the patterns and learn to love our body as it is. We are unique, no comparison!

Let’s start loving our body and our life is a daily exercise, since at all times we are judged by society and forced to believe that everyone around us lives better and more interesting lives than ours. Therefore, when we see ourselves positively, self-esteem and self-confidence goes up, so we learn to love ourselves, to deal with everyday situations and to relate to others. We will see that if ACCEPT it will make everything easier, even if it is difficult in the beginning, this transition will be worth it!

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